OMG, A Ninja Holds This Camera

So I was not particularly going to write a story just now, but then my friend sent me the following video. After seeing it I have the biggest rush I have ever received from watching a video. Man, it even rivals going on that wooden roller coaster I once went on.

First built in 1901, El Caminito del Rey (The King’s Little Path) in El Chorro, southern Spain, now serves as a great tourist location for adventure seekers. The camera man is simply amazing.

[Thanks Joe]

12 Thoughts on “OMG, A Ninja Holds This Camera”

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  3. You have to have a death wish to walk that. Maintenance on the walkways seems to be a few years behind (LOL).. sure as hell don’t want to do that after a few beers! =.=’

  4. I’m surprised that only a few people are using harnesses. The path seems risky enough but walking across those exposed beams is crazy.

  5. After seeing the video, I want to know how many people die visiting this site. It is really very risky.

  6. @Xera: The only way I would even come close to going on those walkways is after a few beers. :)

    @rose: From the little research I did, I have not found any evidence someone has yet died on the site. AMAZING!

  7. Holy Christ! Watching this video makes me feel hard to breathe.I would never dare to do that.

  8. That looks awesome. It’s now on my list of places to go before I die.

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