The Pros And Cons Of Studying Abroad, What Every Student Must Know!

Studying abroad is one fantasy that every student wants to fulfill once in a lifetime. So if you are one of those passionate students desperately seeking an admission in a foreign university, here are some pros and cons of studying abroad that you must give a serious thought before applying for your student visa:

1) The Experience Away From the Homeland


Going to a new place and mingling with new people is always an exciting idea. Exploring new culture and society, eating food and looking around fascinating sites make the whole experience more memorable and beautiful. Besides, you meet with locals and make new friends and blend into the diversity of a new place.


Staying in a new place has its own set of problems. While it may look like a refreshing experience, it takes time and efforts to settle in a new place, especially if no one knows you there. Besides you are prone to many unforeseen problems that may come in the form of financial stress and diseases. You may even become a victim of racism or religious discrimination. A good research and analysis of your destination will give you enough knowledge about your choice of your place and what to expect there.

2) Meeting with New People and Society


Going abroad offers you an opportunity to make new friends and social acquaintances. In an academic setting, you will have a chance to meet people with diversified social and cultural background. They may have similar interests and hobbies, so you can befriend with like-minded people who may become a big support in your studies.


While you are away from your home, you may become a victim of home sickness. If you are someone who loves being with family and enjoy the company of friends, you may find it hard to adjust in a new place. You may feel sad at time and the only choice you have is to connect to them through internet. But even then you cannot find their company, so it will take time to adjust with new people and surroundings.

3) Finding a Profession


If you are going in a country that you always aspired to work in, then fortunately you will have plenty of time to understand the professional environment and labor market trends of that particular place. The chances are that you will get some part-time employment or internship. This will make it much easier for you to gain the practical knowledge and experience within a particular industry so that you will be more prepared once you are hired there.


Although it looks enticing to work-part time and get some money, it can have an effect on your studies. Unless you have the resilience to take up the financial and job-related stress, you are only going to waste your studies.
Studying abroad has its own challenges and ups and downs. But one thing is for sure and that it is going to change your life forever. So be prepared for this roller coaster ride. I hope that this experience will help you find something meaningful in your life. Wish you best of luck!

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