Top 5 Reasons to Rent All of Your Textbooks

With back to school time upon us, here are some great reasons to reconsider purchasing those necessary textbooks and opting to rent them instead.

1. Renting textbooks is cheaper

Renting your textbooks can save you up to 80% of the cost of the book. This means that if you rent just one textbook this semester, you’ll save about $80 – $100. Think about all of the things you can use that $80 on instead of your textbooks. Eighty dollars can get you 53 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, 3 pedicures or 1 Olympus digital camera! If you rented 7 textbooks this academic year, you would save enough money to buy yourself a brand new Toshiba laptop. That seems like a better investment of your money!

2. Renting is more sustainable

When you rent your textbooks, fewer resources are consumed, which results in less landfill. The fewer new textbooks in circulation, the less trees needed to make the books. At BookRenter. We don’t have a central warehouse where we keep all the books. We use our intelligent supply chain that means the books take the shortest distance possible to reach the student. It’s faster and it keeps our carbon footprint low!

3. Renting is more convenient

When you rent your textbooks, you avoid having to deal with buyback at the end of the semester or getting stuck with the book if the bookstore won’t buy it back. Plus, BookRenter has locations at over 500 college campuses around the country so you can rent directly from your college store.

4. Rentiing is risk-free

If you drop a class within the first 3 weeks, don’t fret having to deal with your textbooks. Simply return it within 21 days for a complete refund. At any point throughout the semester or quarter, you can decide to buy the book if you need it. You will never pay more than the value of the book and the money you paid to rent it goes towards the price of the book.

5. Renting helps people in your community!

Websites like BookRenter donate children’s books every time an order is placed on the site. Fueling learning through literacy is an important cause, and BookRenter is dedicated to placing books into the hands of children. We’ve donated over 75,000 books, and that number grows each day. Do something good for the community while you save a bunch of money for yourself!

This guest post was written by Rachel Freeman of BookRenter. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. There’s no other alternative than to have a copy of the book yourself because they are required in addition to needed for
    various courses.

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