Saying Thanks In The Business World Without Forking Over A Ferrari

The business world is a fascinating place, and although college classes can help you gain industry knowledge, there’s simply nothing like experience to prepare you for excelling in business. Whether through internships or securing your first job, you’ve likely witnessed quite a bit of emphasis on meeting budget and doing all possible to reduce costs within the company, and well, you probably don’t have too much in your pocket just yet.

Yet, there are times when you want to say thank you to your interviewer and your clients once you’ve secured that job. We get quite a few questions from students and businesses on how exactly they should go about this, and we of course recommend our gift baskets, but we have a few other tips up our sleeves, too.

Less Is More

Tempted to really put out all the stops to make sure your interviewer remembers your name, or to impress that big client of yours? Before you get out your credit card, remember that small, thoughtful gifts are the most meaningful. Think about the conversation you had with the person who interviewed you or with your client, and what their interests are. Choose a small gift, wrap it in your company’s colors if it’s going to a client, include a personal note, and send it off to them. We bet they’ll be ecstatic over the gift and how well you paid attention to not only their account or your interview, but them!

Duly Noted

Think sending a thank you note to all of your clients is no more meaningful than sending out a mass email? Think again. Ask your company to print branded note cards, and write out personal thank you’s to your clients when needed. With email being a primary mode of communication, a client will be happily surprised to receive an actual paper note card in the mail!

Same goes for interviews – have a stack of blank thank you cards on hand and send each person you interviewed with a note card after the interview – just a few words about how you appreciate their time, would love to work with them, and that you’re happy to answer any other questions.

Email Is Not Communication

Email is great for conveying information, but it doesn’t create that personal bond that is so crucial in business relationships. Commit to calling your clients on the phone regularly, and when you want to thank them for their business, always follow up with a phone call.

Haven’t heard from the company you interviewed with yet? Wait about two weeks after the interview, and give them a call up and politely ask. Hearing the sincerity and passion in your voice trumps a quick email any day.

You’ve been building up your business acumen, so share with us some ways you’ve said thanks to your interviewers and appreciation for your clients, co-workers, employers, or even your professors! We’d love to hear some of the “don’ts” when it comes to showing gratitude after interviews and in the workplace, too!

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