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unbreakable umbrellaUpon my regular search for interesting videos to post on this website, I discovered a new product that may or may not be useful. Either way it should entertain you.

The Unbreakable Umbrella: It is an umbrella made for self-defense purposes. The makers of the product say that it is like being hit by a steal bar. The good thing is that it is legal to be carried everywhere unlike that giant samurai sword your little brother has in his basement. (Note: Your feet and hands are also allowed everywhere so I would look at my learn to fight post if you are interested.) The company that makes this crazy item has a super cool video up.

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[youtube bO8G5zsQohg nolink]

The item is priced at $149.95 so it is not for everybody.

[product page]

2 Thoughts on “self defense umbrella”

  1. The picture of the old guy hitting the punching bag with the umbrella is soooooo funny.

  2. That is fucking awesome.

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