stephen colbert’s growing popularity

colbert.jpgA few years ago Stephen Colbert was just one of my favorite writers and commentators on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Now, just two years later, his popularity has sky-rocked more than Apple’s stock. There has been planes and ice cream flavors named after Colbert, the official creation of new words, multiple awards won for his show, an official Stephen Colbert Day, and after his announcement to run for president and his new book, he has appeared on a multitude of talk shows.

What I enjoy about Colbert is his sense of humor which some people just don’t seem to get. That, of course, just makes it more interesting. When there were rumors that Colbert would be running for president after a New York Times article he wrote he appeared on The Daily Show and said he would respond to the allegations on “a more prestigious show.” Of course, a few minutes later he announced his presidential campaign on his own show. He announced he would run for president for both the Democrats and Republicans only in South Carolina.

There is a Facebook group for Colbert named “1,000,000 Strong For Stephen T Colbert” to make fun of similarly named groups for Obama and Clinton. Yesterday and within about ten days of the start of the group, it achieved its goal and has become the fastest growing group on Facebook (even more than “Students Against the Facebook News Feed”).

It will be interesting to see what Colbert is doing in a few more years.

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