$50 Suit-Up Contest [Sponsored by Local Pages]

Editor’s Note: This contest is now over and we have announced the winner.

For your chance to win a $50 gift card to your favourite professional apparel store found on Local Pages, post a comment below. Include:

  1. a short description of your dream job

  2. a link to the Local Pages page of your chosen apparel store

Enter to win until Monday, May 16, 2011. We will select our favourite entry as the winner.

Eligibility requirements: You must be at least 18 years old, be a U.S. resident, and you or someone in your household must not have won any Local Pages giveaways within the past 30 days.

7 Thoughts on “$50 Suit-Up Contest [Sponsored by Local Pages]”

  1. My dream job would be to become an elementary teacher and work with children with disabilities. I have been going to college to become a teacher but recently discovered that I love working with needy children and I feel accomplished and honored to work with them. I would love to have a job where I could get up each morning and work in that field. The link for the clothing that I chose off of local pages was Old Navy. I love that store. http://www.localpages.com/ar/fayetteville/old-navy
    Thanks for the contest:)

  2. Dream Job? Combination of an extremely high income (think 7 or 8 figures) that partly pays through an off-shore account and the opportunity to be a test-car driver for Luxury automobile brands (Lexus, Mercedes, BMW) and their respective racing teams driving F1 and other ridiculous vehicles, all the while smelling the sweet sweet scent of burnt rubber, high octane gasoline, and the sound of spooling turbos and whining superchargers.

    Then I would use my large income to fund a college-oriented website, and hire a bunch of employees so I can tell them how they can make more money for me. Muahahahaha.

    As for clothing, I pretty much buy most of my wardrobe from Zara:

  3. My dream job would be to be an educational consultant for countries interested in rebuilding their structural education system. My two biggest passions cultural diversity and education would blend perfectly and allow me to learn and be challenged everyday. Currently scholars globally are set at a disadvantage simply because the structures and systems that we are using to educate are outdated, inefficient, and not designed for optimal learning. I want nothing more than to help this ridiculous predicament and I’m sure with a new dress from Macy’s, I will be fixing educational internationally tomorrow :)


  4. My dreamiest dream job is to become a food connoisseur, travel around the world and taste exotic food and fine wine. I’ll be paid to do so, of course.

    That dream is apparently not going to come true in this life and I can only dream about it when I am stuck in lab working with bacteria in animal excrement. So a more realistic dream of mine is to work for an international environmental NGO that would send me to all around the world—where I can take some ravenous side trips.

  5. Ooooops forgot an important part—beautiful new dresses to go along with fine food:


  6. My dream job is to be Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen. With his powers I would have superhuman strength, telekinesis, teleportation, control over matter at a subatomic level, and near-total clairvoyance. I would also be able to perceive the past, present and future as happening simultaneously. Most importantly though, I could turn anyplace into a sweet rave party with my glowing body and become an underwear model with my perfect body.

    Unfortunately, this job is only a dream until I work up the courage to throw myself into an intrinsic field subtractor. *sigh*


  7. My dream job is to be a Consultant. I get to travel around the world and tell people what to do. All travel expenses paid by the company(hopefully my own).

    I love Hollister clothes! CA!

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