Bid Laden is Dead

Tonight President Obama will announce that Osama Bin Laden is dead during his unscheduled speech.

According to a House Intelligence committee aide, a predator drone hit and DNA testing revealed that the dead body was in fact Bin Laden. The United States current has custody over the body.

EDIT: Here is the speech:

One Thought on “Bid Laden is Dead”

  1. Just imagine I am an Afghan mother,
    I am in my home, there is constant sounds of shooting, but I try to get on with our lives, the children are not allowed out, it is not safe. I went out to see if I could buy food yesterday, a crowd of soldiers walked by me, they were shouting and laughing at me, then one of our men shouted back, and he was beaten by them, he is very badly hurt, but we don’t have doctors or a hospital any more. After prayers this evening a group of our young men are talking about defying the soldiers when they come again. Why are they here, we are not at war, we have nothing they want. they defile our women, frighten our children, and will shoot any one who openly defies them. Is this our country, or theirs?. When will they go and leave us in peace.

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