Free Rice for People too Poor to Buy Their Own Rice

A new game by the UN World Food Program lets you improve your vocabulary and give food to the hungry. The Free Rice game gives you a word, such as neglect, and four other words, such as argue, corroborate, hesitate, and disregard. You must pick the word that is a synonym to the first word. […]

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Help This Brother/Son/Best Friend Walk Again

While I was in high school, one of my best friends had the shock of almost losing her brother due to some death-defying mountain climbing. Fortunately, her brother Travis lived, though he lost the ability to move his legs. Some recent research developments in China have the opportunity to help him walk again. After so […]

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Nicaragua Wins “Patriots Win” Shirts and Caps

DIRIAMBA, NICARAGUA — Due to the unexpected loss of the New England Patriots, hundreds of shirts and caps created in advanced to celebrate a Super-win for the Patriots have been shipped to Nicaragua and given out to children in the city of Diriamba. According to Miriam Diaz, of humanitarian organization, World Vision, “The children are […]

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