Friday Funnies: George Worst President Bush

Concluding with our great political coverage, here is a fun “fact”: Typing in “President George W. Bush” in British Google yields the following: Source: Gooogie

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What Are You Looking For

This evening, while looking for cooking tips on the Internet, I noticed that some of Google’s “Suggestions” for search terms were rather unusual. Keep in mind, in order for a search term to show up as a suggestion, it has to be entered a number of times by a number of different people. Remembering that, […]

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Google’s Time Traveling Email

Announced yesterday, Google will release Gmail Custom Time. Users will now be able to send messages with a custom time stamp. This feature will be great when forgetting to send that special someone a cheap e-card, or when you forget to tell your boss about your fishing trip I mean your planned-for-months family event. According […]

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Microsoft to buy Yahoo for $44.2 Billion

Microsoft sent a letter to Yahoo’s board of directors offering to buy the company for $44.2 billion. This highly inflated (62% above yesterday’s closing price) offer seems like a good deal to Yahoo who plans on firing 1,000 employees and spending $300 million in 2008 to revive the company. Both, Microsoft and Yahoo, have been […]

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