Is Anti-Piracy Going too Far?

With all the recent news about the MPAA and CMPDA (the Canadian version) vs. The Pirate Bay and everyone else they are suing, we must wonder if anti-piracy is going too far. I am all for piracy. Feel free to download illegal music, movies, television shows, game, etc. (just do not hold me accountable; hint: […]

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Why the RIAA Fails at Life, The Universe, and (especially) the Internet

As Chris just reported, the Nine Inch Nails album released independently via download has garnered $750,000 so far. A similarly released Radiohead album made about $10 million recently. The recording industry is unsure what to do, but thus far has mostly seemed to ignore these successes and continued to focus on music piracy, which they […]

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NIN’s Ghost Album Makes a $Million

Recently, we announced Nine Inch Nails released their newest album for free. Since then and solely due to our endorsement, Trent Reznor, who released the album without any major record label supporting him, has made $750,000 (it will probably be a million in no time… trust us). How does someone who releases an album for […]

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Download New Nine Inch Nails CD for Free

The first nine tracks of the newest Nine Inch Nails CD entitled “Ghosts” is available for download right now off their website. More affluent customers and/or those who want all 36 tracks may purchase the entire CD for $5. This type of record release follows the same methodology as many previous record releases including Radiohead’s […]

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iTunes Now Second Music Retailer in U.S.

Last Tuesday, Apple announced both the release of their new notebook computer as well as the results of their newest market research revealing that Apple has surpassed Best Buy to become the nation’s second largest music retailer. iTunes has over 50 million customers who have purchased over four billion songs. Wal-Mart remains the nation’s largest […]

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