Oh Shit, A Cat’s Stuck in a Tree!

This is perhaps the most ridiculous news story I have ever seen. It’s from KCRA 3 in Sacramento and only four seconds long. Just watch it and tell me if you think there was not a whole lot happening in Sacramento that day. I can’t wait until 11!

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Fox News (Finally?) Busted

So it seems that MSNBC has finally told everybody what we all have known for ages: The White House has been feeding stories to Fox News: On a similar note: [via Digg]

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No Gays on Australian Airlines

According to a recent story published in the New York Times, Ansett Australia, an Australian airline company, does not allow gay people on their flights: [Source: New York Times via Digg.com]

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Yet Another Superbowl Malfunction

This past Sunday, Comcast in Arizona mistakenly showed a 30-second clip of a porn video to its viewers watching the Superbowl in analogue TV. The video is below, but is is definitely NSFW and contains a little too much penis. Related: Following is the video from Janette Jackson and Justin Timberlack’s waldrobe malfunction:

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Missed the Inauguration? Watch it Here:

Today, is a day that will live on in history. If you missed the inauguration, like I did because I was in class, you can watch it on FoxNews.com. Fox even has some very spectacular post-inauguration coverage that does not at all go completely off-topic and talk about irrelevant conservative issues and is completely bias. […]

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