Fun Things to do with Extra Condoms

Condoms. I get them from everywhere. From Student Health Services, to people running for student council. Heck, even my mom gives me condoms (don’t even get me started on that one).

There is only so much sex someone can have in a day, so here are some helpful things you can do with condoms to help you get rid of some before their two-year expiration date:

1. Have a tasty treat – No, I’m not talking about flavored condoms here. I’m talking about condomsicles. I don’t personally recommend this for condoms with lubricants or if you are allergic to latex, but then again, we’re college students and can’t be too picky.

2. Play God and create your own world – I personally have a high need for power. Or at least that is what my psychology teachers keep telling me. Now that I am too old for Sim City 3000, I can just make my own personal condom world.

3. Make fire – One does not need to be a boyscout to be able to make a fire. You can easily make fire with a magnifying glass, or in this case, a condom. Not intended for use on little siblings or small animals.

4. Relieve stress – Don’t let school streets you out. Make a condom stress ball to take out your tensions on it rather than your roommate.

5. Relieve stress :)

Bonus (not for the squeamish): Snort it


13 Thoughts on “Fun Things to do with Extra Condoms”

  1. “Not for the Squeamish” NO KIDDING!

  2. Wow number 2 is so cool. I’m going to try.

  3. Question to the author: Why are all this videos from MetaCritique?

  4. Thanks for your comments.

    @inter-ested (cool name): I got all these clips from MetaCafe. I did some research and MetaCafe was the only video site I found with interesting clips pertaining to this article. The bonus clip would probably be one I could have found anywhere though.

  5. I created my own world when I first saw this yesterday and it actually works and all the little shrimps are still alive.

  6. Thanks for your comment Jennie. If you send me pictures I will upload them onto the site.

  7. I would be really interested in pictures from that condom world too.

  8. I don’t own a digital camera. Sorry.

  9. Wow some of those are very cool and useful.

  10. That’s cool! A new way to make your condoms smell like fish!

  11. This was hysterical! Thanks

  12. for video #2;
    how would you feed your fish?

  13. i dont understand number 2

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