How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police

The following video is an old one by Chris Rock, but it is super funny. I am glad I have found it again to bring you some joy. Hey, you might even learn something new. [2007-07-25]

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Death Prank

I love pranks. You can play them on your roommate, on your teachers, on your girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s), on whoever. I found the following prank to be very well done. [2008-07-21]

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Nerds: Making Things More Complicating Since 1974

1974: The first PC invented. We all thought our lives were good with normal non-HD non-satellite TV, tape and record players, and regular house phones (half of which didn’t even have a buttons). Now here comes the PC. I am attached to my computer because of work and I am thankful as my computer gives […]

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Oh Shit, A Cat’s Stuck in a Tree!

This is perhaps the most ridiculous news story I have ever seen. It’s from KCRA 3 in Sacramento and only four seconds long. Just watch it and tell me if you think there was not a whole lot happening in Sacramento that day. I can’t wait until 11!

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Men Build House in Office Building

SALT LAKE CITY — As part of a cubical war, an office decides to build a house for a coworker when he goes on a three-week trip.

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