The First Honest College Ad

Good universities generally do not make television ads. “But what about all the college ads I see on TV?” Well the following would be a more accurate representation of those schools: P.S. If you go to a school that actually has commercials, I mean no offense, but you have got to see at least some […]

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LOLCatz Stike Back

LOLCatz are not as dumb as they seem. [Source]

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What It’s Like to Be a Guy in Class

Howdy folks! This is exactly what it’s like to be a guy in a boring class [read: any class]: [Source: CollegeHumor]

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Put a Cork in It

This is a real story from a newspaper. It has got to be one of the funniest pranks ever. The caller was really smart yet a little bit dumb for wasting a trip to Bali.

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My First Post: Top Ten Reasons Why You Will Read My Posts

Hi everyone! This is my very first time writing for Collegebeing. This is very exciting! I guess you are all curious as to who I am, but that will have to wait for another time. For now, I would like to recruit as many readers as possible, and since I enjoy reading Top Ten lists, […]

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