Airline Hires Passengers

British airline Flybe is paying 172 people to fly between Dublin, Ireland and Norwich, England. Norwich airport made a deal with the airline to give a rebate of 280,000 pounds if the airline could deliver 15,000 passengers on the route within one year. The airline was short some passengers and after the airport would not […]

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Google’s Time Traveling Email

Announced yesterday, Google will release Gmail Custom Time. Users will now be able to send messages with a custom time stamp. This feature will be great when forgetting to send that special someone a cheap e-card, or when you forget to tell your boss about your fishing trip I mean your planned-for-months family event. According […]

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YouTube Rick Rolls You

As part of an April Fools’ joke, YouTube Rick Rolls all of its users. All featured videos on any of the world-wide YouTube websites will link to Rick Astley’s famous “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The user of the account is YTRickRollsYou. The user was created one week ago by the YouTube team. A special […]

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50 Hottest Student Bodies

In honor of March Madness, Popcrunch has just put together a list of the 50 hottest student bodies and here it is: 50. Illinois 49. Missouri 48. Pacific 47. Maryland 46. Oregon State 45. Virginia Tech 44. Louisville 43. Indiana 42. TCU 41. Washington State 40. Stanford 39. Iowa

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Whole Backetball Game is Rick Rolled

March 15: An entire basketball game was Rick Rolled by supporters of Anonymous who are fighting the Church of Scientology. Being Rick Rolled is to be tricked into clicking a link showing Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” music video. [youtube EeuEMeg8eQE nolink]

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