what’s new apple?

As I predicted, Apple did announce a new iPod yesterday. They did not do just that so here is a simple, easy-to-follow list of what’s new with Apple: New iPod: iPod Touch – pretty much an iPhone without the phone. 8GB version for $299, 16GB version for $399. Comes out in a few weeks. iPod […]

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new ipod today

Just a quick little message for you guys who were thinking of buying the college-essential iPod today (Note: I do not personally consider an iPod essential, but the other 29,999 students at my school seem to): There is a rumor with many credible sources that a new iPod will be announced today (September 5th, 2007). […]

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what not to do to your computer: bake it

Well here is an interesting story I read today: Barb from LuckyWhiteGirl.com likes to store her computer in her oven. Yes, I found it strange too, but she explains herself by saying that it is because her windows do not have locks and she does that to keep it safe from burglars. From burglars it […]

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Teacher Teaches Kid a Lesson

The following is a trick a professor played on a little annoying kid. I have never taken any computer classes in college, but we all know how there is always that one annoying, little… Anyways, here it is. So I’ve been a professor at this ‘little school’ for a while now. I love my job. […]

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fat white guys vs. vibrators: round one

VS Okay, Chris told me not to make things too political here, and of course the first thing I’m writing has to do with politics. But it also has to do with sex, so hopefully you’re paying attention anyway. After all, what do college students think about more than sex? Or maybe that’s just me. […]

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