College Students and Credit Cards: How to Avoid the Debt Trap

Most college students don’t have a lot of cash for extras; the rising costs of tuition, books, and related fees often requires a strict budget, even for the student that carries a part- or full-time job in addition to their schedule of classes. For this reason, having a credit card can seem like a godsend, […]

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Creative Ways to Save Money While You’re in College

Trying to balance the cost of living with tuition, car payments, and basic living needs while you are going to school can be tricky. With all of the different expenses students are responsible for, it is often necessary to cut back on some items and get creative with your budget. Setting ground rules and goals […]

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Entertainment for the Week (on a Budget)

Times are tough. Most people find themselves tightening their belts in more than one area of their lives, and leisurely activities are usually the first to go. The economic downturn doesn’t have to mean all work and no play, though. All that’s needed for a thrifty week of fun is a few dollars and a […]

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Staying Financially Stable While in College

Listen, it’s always hard to talk about finances. Never is someone in a position where they feel like they have “too much money.” People are always trying to increase their earning potential, maximize savings, and eventually settle down somewhere with a nice picketed fence, a golden retriever named Bud, and a happy family. However, many […]

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12 Tips on How to Save Money This Christmas/Holiday Season

Christmas Cards 1. Send letters. If you regularly send Christmas cards, think about sending letters instead. With that extra cash saved, you can include an extra picture in every letter or just save the money to buy yourself a Christmas gift. 2. Send post cards. You can also send post cards to save on postage. […]

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