do you know your 50 states?

Inspired partially by yesterday’s how many faces can you find? we have added a new category called waste some time. In this category we will post fun little games you can spend some time playing.

50 states game

Today we feature a game called 50 States. In this game you must correctly place the state image onto a map of the US. At the end of the game, after you have placed all 50 states, you get a score. I didn’t do so bad with an average error of only 81 miles and a score of 62.74. Tell me what you get.

Here is the link to the game: 50 States game on

6 Thoughts on “do you know your 50 states?”

  1. Score: 72.54
    Average error: 35 miles

  2. 90.12
    error 6 miles

  3. Well looks like I pretty much suck comparatively. Nice job Nick and hats off to you Matt.

  4. i is not a game this not tell you about the states

  5. haaaaaaaaa

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