DRM – delirious riaa material

I am concerned not many people know what DRM is. DRM really stands for digital rights management (not delirious RIAA material) and it is a way for people to control how and when you can listen to music you have already bought the rights to.

The problem with DRM is that it only hurts people who download music legally and forces more of those people to obtain DRM-free music by downloading them off peer-to-peer networks like Limewire, Kazaa, Bit Torrent, etc.

iTunes just recently went DRM-free for all of EMI’s (a major record label) music. I will now finally be downloading some music legally and giving a little bit of money back to the artists instead of just Limewiring them.

Below is one of the best “ads” I have seen about anything related to this subject. It was made by Clayton Mograf and the awesome song is called Century Train by Presteign. You can download it for free on their MySpace page.

[youtube ryXDhXqR-SE nolink]

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