air-conditioned bed

If you’re anything like me you just can’t stand sleeping and being hot at the same time. This often presents a problem for college students who are unfortunate enough to land themselves in a dorm lacking an important feature–air conditioning.

Hopefully you go somewhere cooler during the summer, but I know many of my friends staying up in Boston are going to suffer. This product goes out to you.

air-conditioned bed 1


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This product is said to be very efficient and uses only $0.24 in energy per month. That is great knowing that real air-conditioning in my house comes out to about $300 a month. This could even help you save.

Here’s some facts for you hot college kids: The device measures 36in by 79in (make sure it fits those longer-than-normal college beds), there are three fan speeds you can choose from, it uses an AC adapter to connect to a wall outlet, and it has a timer. This little contraption comes out to $399, however, which will make most of us enjoy reading about it and never having the money to buy it.

air-conditioned bed 2

Kuchofuku air-conditioned bed [source]

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