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pee bag 1Remember that scene in Dumb and Dumber where they pee in beer bottles and the cop drinks it? Well, college students are a little bit smarter than those two (hopefully).

The product we are showing you today is made by a German company who calls it Roadbag. With that name, I take it you can’t really tell what it is so allow me to explain.

This little device can store up to 700ml of pee. It turns it into gel so you have no problems if the thing roles over or if you keep it in your man-purse.

Jump to see more pictures and some ideas of what this could be used for.

pee bag 2 pee bag 3

Why would you want this? Beats me, but let me have a few shots at it. It seems what this product what intended for was long road trips in countries that otherwise that no facilities to relieve yourselves in. I don’t know about those Germans but here in America (since we rule) we have lots of McDonald’s that we college kids can stop at to pee. I am also not sure if it is safe doing anything else at McDonald’s.

Another possible reason you could what this so that when you are drunk at the party this Friday you have something to entertain yourself (and your friends) with.

Whatever the reason, this product is selling for about $5 each, but I don’t suppose they can be reused.

link: roadbag [source]

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  1. I wonder if I’ll need one of these on my trip to South America this Decemeber? Hmm. I think I will. What sold me is that my pee will conveniently turn into gel!

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