MBA – High Price, High Reward

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is widely deemed to be the ultimate postgraduate qualification. The entry process and subsequent study are notoriously difficult, while those who complete the course are heralded as being extremely desirable to employers – but what exactly is an MBA? The objective of an MBA is to apply financial knowledge […]

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How to Handle the Roommate from Hell

This guest post is written by Leon Harris who writes for Attract Women where you can find tips and advice on meeting, dating, and talking to women. We all want to believe that college is going to be an amazing and revelatory experience that will help us to come out of our shell, grow up, […]

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How to Manage Your Online Identity for Future Employers

This guest post is contributed by Bailey Digger. She writes on the topic of web design degree. She welcomes your comments at her email id: baileydigger189(@)gmail(.)com. The Internet has opened doors that we never even knew existed a few decades ago – today, it is easier to find a job because of the abundance of […]

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Avoid Dating Danger With Safety Tips For Your Next Date!

This is a guest post by SpyTown’s Security Camera Systems make you feel safe knowing you’re armed with the camera equipment that will keep you as secure as possible! College is one of the few times in your life when you’ll be surrounded with a large group of people all around your same age, […]

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What to do if You Fall for Someone in Your Dorm

Leon Harris is a writer for Pick Up Artist where you can find great tips and advice on dating. Working the love angle is part and parcel of going to college. You’re finally free of the many restrictions imposed by the parental units and you can spend the night with whomever you please, strike up […]

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