Safari Battle: Lions vs. Crocodiles vs. Buffalo

The following video shows some great animal cooperation. I thought meerkats were cool, but even being an Ecology major, I had never seen anything like this.

The video depicts a real safari battle. First lions attack, then crocodiles, then buffalo. Who will win? Place your bets and then watch the video.

[Thanks Joe!]

17 Thoughts on “Safari Battle: Lions vs. Crocodiles vs. Buffalo”

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  1. Craziest thing I ever saw

  2. i think i have watched this before once. its great filming work about real wild life

  3. Thats is quite fascinating video. Its quite astonishing to see those wild animals taped in movie.

    Awesome work.


  4. I love all animals and i love buffalo to they are a wonderful animal but lion numbers are so small now and fact is the meal to them is harder and harder to get and to see them eat a baby animal is just nature. Yeah its brill the baby got away after all that dont get me wrong i was pleased but also abit sad about the lions missing out hehe. natures wierd like that..

  5. I haven’t seen this video yet, but i think lions will win as the are more powerful animals as compared to others.

  6. There is a limit to stupid lies afterall. The democratic message is now toxic.

  7. Never would have thunk I would find this so innsepsdiable.

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