How to Scam Someone on eBay and Tips for the Rest of Us

Hello eBay Nigerians reading this post. The following are some guidelines on how to properly scam someone on eBay.

Nigerians are pretty much the only reason why I use Amazon instead of eBay, but if you must scam someone on eBay, then at least do it properly and follow these guidelines:

Make sure you do not use your real name! Seriously, what kind of an idiot are you if you are using your real name to try to scam people.

Do not be stupid.

Yeah, that’s about all you need to properly scam people. You do not even need to know to write in English!

Now, if you are trying to avoid being scammed on eBay, follow these rules:

    1. Never, I said Never do business on eBay using Western Union, even eBay will tell you this is not secure. If you don’t take my word for it go to western unions website, they even have a page dedicated to showing how scammers use there service.
    2. Read Feedback. Yep, everybody looks at the pretty little number next to a seller or buyers name but if you want to see what is really going on you need to actually click on that number and read the good and the bad feedback. If you see something that seems wrong or out of place beware.
    3. Remember just because a seller has something you want doesn’t mean that you cant find it from another seller on eBay. So don’t be afraid to jump ship when something smells fishy!
    4. Ask the seller a question, prior to bidding. Many people will bid on an item, before they really know what the item is or what they are getting into. I don’t care if you think the description tells you all you need to know, you need to test the water by actually communicating with the party you are planning on buying from. You will be amazed how much a first response from a seller can tell you. Were they curious, professional, and prompt in there response? If not, remember, its okay to jump ship.
    5. If you are going to purchase an expensive item, you must insist on secure payment but tell the seller you will pay the cost of using a service like cod, ups cod, or escrow. If the seller refuses, no matter how good of a story he will give you, and believe you me, they will give you a great story, THIS IS A SCAM.

-eBay user Nick Simpson (Sorry Nick, I had to correct your spelling.)

Now, Judge Judy demolishes an eBay scammer (I hate Judge Judy too, but hate scammers ten time more so this was just too good):

“You weigh way more, but you are not going to be as smart as me in one finger.”

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  2. Well, that is quite good tips for all of us. I did get one Nigerian guy scammer but not in eBay but something else. It looked so real at first and I was getting ready to send him fund.Later doing intense research, I found he was well known scammer.

    I just wonder why Nigerian are so good in this.

    Well thanks again.

  3. that was funny. the article is very informative.

  4. you said not to use WU. What to do if there is no option but WU?

  5. @rose: If WU is the only option I would be very calculating and think twice before sending any money. It is one of the least-safe ways to do an exchange.

  6. Most of ebay sellers are a batch of scammers from China

  7. Just like what victims of scams in China reported in the news: “Anyone who sells anything in China is a great liar and only liars are true.” 90% of Nigerians are poor people and 90% are scammers and 10% are preachers of scammers!

  8. One of my old friends aged about 80 who ran a health food store in Singapore was a pioneer during his time. He was so stupid to invest all his hard-earned money in a so-called million-dollars shares in Nigeria where he was scammed dead broke. He was a declared bankrupt and died as a poor man. Nigeria is a place where fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

  9. Please do not be complacent. Even if someone from Nigeria or China wants to buy anything from my business website, I would make sure their payments have already entered into my bank accounts.

  10. Hey! About the video showing Judge Judy against one so-called eBay scammer in court, I would like to query why doesn’t eBay take legal action against such scammers in court as well. This will deter anyone from scamming others in future.

  11. From a lawyer standpoint I cannot stand Judge Judy. First lets start with her slanderous speech on how moral her children will become, for that fact bringing up the children and their ages at all. It had absolutely no bearing on this case and any lawyer would have objected to that line of questions. Secondly and most importantly, while I do feel remorse for the victim in this, she really should have read the ad more closely before even bidding. If the ad did specifically state for photo only and then described what was in the photo well, it may not be ethical but it was there in the print and she (victim) should have read it carefully before pressing any buttons. That case should have gone differently but hey I guess with as rude as she is she does need the ratings. Oh and commenting on her weight, I would have immediately moved to dismiss based on the judges obvious bias.

  12. what kind of a person would sell pictures of phones for $200. She deserves what she got :)

  13. Doc,
    There is no doubt in my mind that that lady was a scammer. She may have escaped the punishments in other courts, however I liked how Judge scamed her. “Ad shows 4-5 ounces, this paper does not weight that much”. :)
    On top of all these, that scammer wrote in feedback for victim that they were from nigeria, for that judge gave them 5000$. That scammer deserved it, I hope all the others who were scammed by such croocks take them to judge judy’s court..

  14. These guys are crooks, too (I’m talking about eBay inc.) They are also not averse to tidy up other people’s money! Dont try to argue with them – useless! Is the eBay inc. is a very Big scam?

  15. I was just scammed by an Ebay site and thought I was really buying from Ebay. They wouldn’t stop the order and it just shipped tonight. I had requested they stop the order, but they won’t. They have no customer service and really only work for the seller. Buyer be dammed! Remember Ebay and PayPal are the same company. Don’t be fooled by them when they try to pass the buck.

  16. Fuck niggers!!!

  17. GET OWNED SON GET OWNED….how stupid can you get, she needs a life….correction….a “BETTER” life than what she has

  18. I buy a lot of stuff from China and they always turn up a bit late sometimes buy they arrive in the other hand I been scammed by Americans twice.. American sellers are the most likely to scam you…. even those ones with good feedback .. by the way I am a buyer from Australia.

  19. eBay is dieing a slow death and the reason is simple and thats because it treats buyers and sellers and fools and this is the reason it’s customer base has declined and it’s becoming so hard to sell on eBay.

    Think Sun systems and Intel and now look at eBays fall from grace.

    over 50% of adverts on Google lead back to eBay but still the amout of negative press finds it’s way out.

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  25. I was about to lost my money to a scammer like this, but Thanks God i found before sending the money, they guys from this site verified the transaction for me and i saved myself !!!

  26. If you have been scammed and need to recover your money and persecuting the scammer use the Trace Scammer service from will help you alot !

  27. Ebay doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the sellers! You will see most of them disappear pretty soon. Intentional process of elimination. Ebay only cares about the almighty dollar. That means the buyers. At least until their stock recovers! Then it will be back to every man for himself again!

    Ebay complex Karma, (just for sellers of course, they make money either way, remember they own paypal) planted stock holders to keep the peace on the message boards, etc. Ebay it’s self is a SCAM! Don’t ever buy anything on Ebay for any reason.

  28. Remember what happened to most of the ,coms? This is ebay’s most likely future. They deserve it too. Greedy bastards were not happy getting rich off the backs of the people. No they want more so they can pay the other greedy bastards on Wall street.

  29. eBAY fraud can go a long way.

    I have been receiving tens of items regularly.

    I order an item from 24-7swords. AFTER a month the item is returned back due to “address not verified”. The item is SHOWN to be on its way back to seller via standard tracking yet the seller will NOT refund me. Reason? He needs item in his hands although he knows it IS on the way back to him.


    Check the fraud out and NEVER buy from here:

  30. Customer Mike did not put the correct address and expect us to refund him when his item is coming back. We told him that we will issue a full refund once the item is back in our hands and the still would not comply.

  31. There are still spelling mistakes.


  32. I am not very fantastic with English but I line up this rattling easy to interpret.

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