Do you talk and smoke?

Cell Phone LighterIt seems like the Japanese are always inventing new things–things that we may not really need, but sure are cool to look at. This lighter is being sold by from Japan. It might be the prefect tool for those who smoke and need a new cell phone. I wouldn’t expect it to work with American cell phone companies (or even Japanese ones by the cheap look of this product), so sorry to splash your dreams. If you want this to just be cool though, the website says it will cost you about 380 yen (3 US dollars). Since, I don’t know how to read Japanese I cannot say if it does function as an actual cell phone, though.

Keitai 3 Liter Cell Phone (Japanese website)

9 Thoughts on “Do you talk and smoke?”

  1. hey hommes this thing dont cost $3

  2. Well, I was wondering someone should come up with such crazy idea. But I think it is very useful for non-smoker too. You might need a lighter sometime and when you are in those situation, you get a lighter and call someone for help!

    Thanks for sharing

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  4. So true. Honesty and everything rezodniceg.

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  7. Shoot, so that’s that one supposes.

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  9. Rockson, please blog more often leh. I come to your blog everyday to check for new blogs. Will get withdrawal symptoms if don’t read your blog. Keep up the good work!

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