dog ass towel hanger

Doggy Butt Towel Hanger

According to the manufacturer, this product will “bring a smile to your face every time you go to dry your hands.” Well, that may be true if they are talking about that awkward smile you give after saying an inappropriate joke at the dinner table or after the person next to you in class noticed that it was, in fact, you who just farted. What I know for sure is that this product will either scare your next date away from your apartment or give you a nice bit of conversation. Hey, here’s your chance to use that awkward smile we were just talking about.

If you are the one-in-a-hundred that would be interested in this product, it is being made by Perpetual Kid. Have fun and keep those hands clean.

Note: I take no responsibility if this product does not actually manage to hold up you towel.

Dog-End Towel Holder

2 Thoughts on “dog ass towel hanger”

  1. I think this is gross.

  2. yes thats true but its funny

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