Top 10 American Cities with the Cleanest Water

I am constantly thinking about what city to live in after I graduate college. One factor that I think is important, although often over-looked, is clean water. I look forward to the day when I can smash the Brita that I have to continually fill-up and buy new filters for. Here is Forbes’ list of cities with the cleanest water in the U.S.:

10. Tulsa, Okla.
Reason: Low levels of bacteria and lead

9. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Reason: Low level of bacteria

8. Tampa, Fla.
Reason: Low haloacetic acid and lead levels

7. Las Vegas, Nev.
Reason: Low level of turbidity

6. Boise City, Idaho
Reason: One of the lowest levels of lead

5. Birmingham, Ala.
Reason: Low amounts of bacteria and lead

4. Miami, Fla.
Reason: Low levels of bacteria, lead, turbidity, and haloacetic acid

3. Sioux Falls, S.D.
Reason: One of the lowest levels of turbidity and haloacetic acid

2. Austin, Texas
Reason: One of the lowest levels of lead, turbidity, and haloacetic acid

1. Des Moines, Iowa
Reason: Cleanest drinking water

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5 Thoughts on “Top 10 American Cities with the Cleanest Water”

  1. Is it bad if you don’t live in any of those cities?

  2. @hen: Not really. Forbes included some further statistics and just because you do not live in any of these cities does not necessarily mean that your water is bad. I have found that a good way of testing is how the water actually tastes.

  3. dose water have all that. I never thought about it before drinking water.

  4. thanks :D i am doing a science experiment testing if tacoma or lakewood (wa) has cleaner water and that is helpful background research

  5. @falguni1: Yes, water usually contains bacteria, heavy metals, and other bad stuff. This is even in bottled water. Putting your water through a Brita filter will get rid of the heavy metals and boiling the water will get rid of the bacteria. No need to go too crazy though since a little bit of bacteria is good to keep you immune system in check.

    @hehe: You’re welcome!

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