Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1)Eragon is the first of three books in the Inheritance Trilogy. It is a great next step for someone who, like me, has finished reading a certain seven-book series and needs more. It was written by a seventeen-year-old, which makes it even more amazing. The writing isn’t Dickens, but anyone who likes The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and similar novels would appreciate it.

Eragon/Eldest Trade Paperback Boxed SetThe hard-back version is being sold cheaper than at your local book store at, but you can also get all three books in paper-back for nearly the same price.

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    I’m gonna have to disagree with you on this one. Eragon and it’s sequel, Eldest are some of the most shamelessly derivative fantasy books I’ve read in a really long time (this coming from a genre that is often known and stereotyped as derivative). While it isn’t the worst fantasy book out there, new (and fresh from Harry Potter) readers can do a heck of a lot better. I recommend Tamora Pierce (especially if you like female protagonists) or, for those of you who prefer your fantasies set in England and don’t mind something a bit more grown-up than Harry Potter, Susanna Clarke’s excellent “Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell”

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