100 tkd dvds

TDK Electronics DVD+R47FCB100 Single-Sided 16x DVD+R Spindle, 100 DiscsEverybody needs blank DVDs. Whether it is to burn your iPod Nano library so a friend can listen to it, “back-up” the latest movie you “bought” from Blockbuster, or whether you like to purposefully make useless DVDs because you are too cheap to go out to the store and get real coasters. This TKD 100-pack single-sided 16x DVD+R spindle is on sale for just $27 bucks with free shipping. TKD is my favorite blank DVD company, and I promise they will burn way better than those horrible Memorex ones you bought for twice the price at Best Buy.

TDK Electronics 4.7GB/16x DVD-R (100-Pack Spindle)There is also a similar DVD-R pack available for $24 bucks.

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