Death Prank

I love pranks. You can play them on your roommate, on your teachers, on your girlfriend(s)/boyfriend(s), on whoever. I found the following prank to be very well done.


22 Thoughts on “Death Prank”

  1. Jezus fucking christ those people got scared.

  2. the looks of terror on those poor peoples faces were priceless!

  3. Geez

    I’d be freaking out too if I saw something like that. Although entertaining to watch I feel kind of bad for those people. I’m glad they let them in on the joke.

  4. this is one of the best shows on tv! so so funny!

  5. Personally thought this was very cruel and insensitive.

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  7. Freakin Awesome

  8. this is genius!

  9. Wow. That was funny but pretty messed up. LOL.

  10. That really was cruel and insensitive.

    The funniest gags always are.

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  12. Personally, I want to see “You Got Maimed,” the bit advertised at the end there.

  13. Nice catch Nick. I did not even notice that before. I want to see it too! The skit is from a show called Just for Laughs on the Comedy Channel in Canada.

  14. How can anyone possibly think they did this for real? It is absolutely the worst acting I’ve ever seen!

  15. @ jason
    yeah they always let them in on it at the end, which i think is a nice touch, prevents it from feeling malicious.
    i don’t exactly know where you got bad acting from, but i’ll take your word for it. the real question is why would they fake it? it would mean hiring more people and making (in all likelyhood) a less convincing show

  16. I really didn’t think it was that cruel. Kinda lame if u ask me.

  17. oh you idiots
    you think its fake?
    and cruel?
    omg its a fucking t.v show
    they tell people at the end what was going on
    and its real people put into weird situations
    youtube it

  18. @John: I would be scared of the old man holding the scyth in the fucking store

  19. Dude, that scythe looked completely plastic

  20. @John: they weren’t THAT scared…

  21. i hope all of you who thought they looked really scared were just being sarcastic, or else your all dumbasses

  22. How completely funny! I’d love to see more of that in other places! Hysterical!

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