Five Great Ways to Make Money in College

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Most college students are resigned to the fact that they’re going to have to work some crappy job while they’re attaining a degree. This is often part and parcel of the college experience simply because class schedules tend to get in the way of gainful employment. When you can’t work the standard nine to five, you’re job options can be pretty limited. However, there are ways to get around working at a convenience store or delivering pizzas for a little extra dough (no pun intended). You likely have a number of skills that you haven’t even considered, and most of them are based on your proclivity for intellectual pursuits. Here are five jobs that will not only allow you a flexible schedule while you’re in school, but will keep you out of the serving line at the cafeteria and away from the registers at the campus bookstore.

1. Tutoring. This is a time-honored way for college students to earn a few extra bucks and it not only pays a lot better than working at Starbucks, it also allows you complete freedom to set your own schedule and often, teach a subject you’re interested in. You can certainly advertise your services on your own by posting flyers at local schools, but likely you’ll have to travel to the homes of the students you tutor. By signing on with the Princeton Review (which prepares high-school students for college exams like the SATs, ACTs, and more), Sylvan Learning Center (tutors grade school through high school age kids in core subjects like math and reading), or another reputable organization, you won’t have to scrape for work and the students may come to you.

2. Writing. Sites like ODesk and Elance make it easy to kick off a career in freelance writing. All you do is create a profile and start applying for jobs. By posting samples, you may be able to get work more quickly. And once you get a few good reviews under your belt, you could start to see companies coming to you with job offers. Plus, you get to decide which work you do and how much you take on so that you never get overwhelmed.

3. Graphics design. Whether your interests lie in designing websites and blogs or creating motion graphics for video games, there is probably quite a bit of work out there for students who are familiar with professional programs and have a portfolio of work available. Again, ODesk and Elance are great sites to get you started.

4. Brand representative. Best…college…job…ever! Imagine if you could get tons of free products from companies you love like Pepsi, Neutrogena, and Macy’s (just to name a few) and get paid to represent their brands on campus (by giving away samples to fellow classmates and recording their opinions). In short, you get paid to become the most popular student on campus. Does that sound like a great job, or what?! The best part is, you can list it on your resume as marketing experience. To find out more, check out RepNation.

5. Social media consultant. Believe it or not, your expertise and know-how pertaining to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter could just land you a pretty lucrative job. Many businesses are desperate to make a social media splash, and if you can set them up with a Facebook page and help to expand their brand image into an online presence, you can run marketing campaigns for small businesses in your area that lack the technical savvy to be successful on their own. Remember how your parents said that all that time you spent on Facebook was worthless? Here’s your chance to prove them wrong.

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  1. I didn’t do those in the college, ’cause wanna focus on the courses… plus you will work your ass off after your graduate.. so who so rush to work?

  2. Great post! I make extra money in colleg with the referral program. I got a referral code when I made an account with them, and then they mailed me free flyers that contained that code. I hung them around campus and got paid a 10% commission on each book buyback they got in the mail from my referral code.

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