7 Mixed Drink Recipes to Get Girls Drunk at Your Next Party

Mixed Drinks

Image by ChrisB in SEA

These mixed drinks are always very popular among the ladies at our house:

Mind Eraser

2 ounces Vodka, 2 ounces Kahlua, 2 ounces Tonic water
In a rocks glass pour vodka, the Kahlua and then the tonic water. Serve with a straw.

Limona Corona

16 ounces Corona (one bottle), 1 ounces Bacardi Limon
Open Corona. Fill the empty space in the neck in the bottle with rum. Plug the bottle with your thumb or the palm of your hand. Turn the bottle upside-down so the rum and beer mix. Return bottle rightside-up. Drink.

110 in the shade

16 ounces Lager beer (one bottle), 1.5 ounces Tequila
Drop shooter in glass. Fill with beer

Snake Bite

8 ounces Lager (1/2 bottle), 8 ounces sweet or dry Cider
Pour ingredients into a pint glass. Drink. Fall over.

Captain Do

1 ounces spiced rum (e.g., Captain Morgan’s), 20 ounces Mountain Dew (a little more than a can and a half)
Put shot in then add soda.

Red Death #2

Absolute Vodka, Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Sloe gin, Triple sec, Orange juice
Pour all the ingredients in mixing glass with ice. Shake and strain into shot glasses.


2 ounces vodka, Mountain Dew, ice
Fill glass with ice add vodka and Mountain Dew.

Tip: 1 shot is about equal to 1 ounce

Remember: When mixing drinks don’t buy the good stuff since it will not make too much of a difference. Save your money for when you are drinking drinks straight up.

32 Thoughts on “7 Mixed Drink Recipes to Get Girls Drunk at Your Next Party”

  1. The title of this post alone has led me to unsubscribe from this blog. Just thought you should know.

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  3. The moral decay of this article speaks volumes about our society, doesn’t it?

    Haha, I applaud your bravery in the title of this post, but really? Is this what we want people to think college students care about?

    I don’t drink, so maybe I’m just being judgmental. But wow, you might as well have closed by talking about how much easier it would be to get the girl in the sac afterward.

  4. Oh lighten up people!

    Some good stuff there, gonna try some ^_^

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    Thanks a lot.

  6. Yeah, I’m gonna have to vote with the “WTF” crowd on this one.

  7. Thanks everybody for the input and about 20 emails (one even from another CB writer) concerning the title of this story. When I was approving the story, I thought it was funny. College Being has never been about the politically correct and though we do not in the least endorse getting girls drunk to take advantage, I will keep the story title as is. I hope no one else will take offense and just think of it as a ridiculous title to get people to post comments.


    P.S. Please do keep up giving us feedback as we go over everything and do care what you guys think.

  8. @kay: I have no idea what Snake wine is and am 100% sure we have not published any articles on the subject. Sorry!

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  10. Ok the title doesn’t bother me..in fact Iw as looking for a good drink to help get me a little wasted since I do not like most drinks and with the kids gone for the night it helps…lol Thanks!!

  11. like this is hillarious. :) pretty nice tips too.
    oh… and college is pretty much all about getting chicks drunk and then in the sack :)

    people when are you gonna realize that you are wasting your life by not drinking, not smoking, being gay (if you don’t wanna get a chick at a party you gotta be gay) , etc.
    have fun… you’re gonna die anyways so why not get the most out of life?

  12. I think the title is GREAT! I found it to be quite hilarious. I was just out looking for new drink ideas and this popped up, will def give them a shot! (I’ll drink them myself too)

  13. I was just looking for an old fashioned drink recipe called an “old fashioned” (go figure) for an 87 year old man that I know and your site pops up. The title definately gets an old mom’s dander up but then I thought I would read the recipes. They totally suck. Look if you are wanting to impress the ladies I think you could do much better than those. Vodka and Mountain Dew??? Come on….. no girl wants that! Make a lemon drop or something. It’s quick, easy, and does the trick….. aren’t those your favorite adjectives? Quick … Easy … Trick?

  14. With the Mind Eraser, pour the Kaluah, then the Tonic, then the Vodka, in that order. It is supposed to separate based on density (Kaluah on bottom, Tonic in the middle, and Vodka on top). You drink it through a straw so you start out with the Kaluah and work up. It is actually a pretty good drink.

    You should add a Polar Bear to you list. Girls love them and will shoot them one after another. 1/2 Crème de Cacao, and 1/2 Peppermint Schnapps. Shake with ice and strain into shot glasses.

    Also, Captain Morgans and root beer will get a girl messed up so quickly. You can barely taste the alcohol, so you end up drinking more than you think. About 1 part Captains to 2-3 parts root beer.

  15. honestly i’m a college girl…about to graduate…extremely committed to my guy and i love this site…i don’t drink a lot i’ve drank maybe 5 times in my life and nothing gets me drunk…there’s just some times when you need it so…you got a thumbs up from me…can’t wait to try it!

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  17. Great article!!!


  19. jamiedawn first off all your a man pretending to be a girl thats sad only a nerd man like jimmydawn would post that bullshit you probly printed out this page to get your mom drunk and assfuck her you geekboy jamesdawn

  20. eric does this really work reason i am asking if because my wife been nothing but a nasty whore to me its like i own her my life i am gonna try this on her and let her have sex with me and my brother i know she’ll love that

  21. Politically correct fake sensitive assholes make me laugh.

  22. Seriously. This is a horrible example of “rape culture” and why there are so many occurrences of Sexual assault on college campuses. Grow up, read a book, invest in a little personality development, other than what comes out of a bottle, and get a girl the real way.

  23. WOW. You think girls are down to drink Mountain dew and Rum. Are your serious? Try that with anychick that doesn’t work the streets and see what happens. Cider and Beer? You know you could spend the extra $2 and buy hard cider and it wont taste like shit!

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  26. @seriously
    I just got back home from a party and I can tell you that Cider, Beer, Vodka, Rum and Whiskey really do work with girls.
    Usually we prefer the sweet stuff that doesn’t taste like alkohol. But one of my best friends loves beer every girl usually likes Vodka with Orange juice or an energy drink.
    Me personally I like pure Vodka and pure Whiskey, but a good one an really cold.
    But crushed ice with sugar, Barcardi white rum and strawberry puree or li43

  27. Sorry, I hate writing on my mobile phone.
    It should say: Liqueur 43 with milk or apple juice (very sweet)or my favourite with maracuja juice is great with nearly every girl.
    If you are not successful with that in America or where ever, come over to Germany, but be aware that we girls over here know how to drink.
    The guys whom I was drinking with are already asleep. They were so drunk I had to take care that they go to bed properly.
    And I am still awake and quite sober. What a pity and there is no vodka left.
    Sorry for the mistakes. I am not a natural speaker and I was just looking for a way to get my very drunk husband to have s** with me but he is too fast asleep by now.
    Definately too much whiskey/rum with Coke and something called XuXu Rapberry (A girls drink made of raspberrys,vodka and a lot sugar) and a little Prosecco.
    Btw Prosecco and sweet white wine are the cheapest and easiest way to get girls drunk

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