Grandma, what’s a dildo?

I was recently having a debate with a friend of mine about abstinence-only sex education. So, instead of turning college being into a political site, I will just show you a fun video about an old lady talking about sex toys. Maybe one day teens will be able to obtain factual sexual information in their classrooms as well as they currently do on Youtube.

If you feel comfortable with an old lady talking about sex, then jump to see the video.

7 Thoughts on “Grandma, what’s a dildo?”

  1. Is that Dr. Ruth or whatever her name is? She’s awesome.

  2. this was… slightly disturbing. hahah.

  3. no, that’s Sue Johanson. She pretty much rocks.

  4. Fantastic! :D What show is this from?

  5. Talk Sex on oxygen (or WE, one of those).

    her site is

  6. dirty…

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