Make Your Asian Girlfriend Happy

silent mouseYes, it has been confirmed that Asian girls do not like the sound of a computer mouse clicking. Don’t worry though, because I have just what you need. It is called the Silent Mouse 2 and it will make your Asian woman smile (see picture above). Not only is this mouse silent, but it feels nice too. Just give your Asian girlfriend one of these instead of that stuffed panda you were thinking of.

Some serious information on the Silent Mouse as well as the Silent Keyboard after the jump.

The Silent Mouse does seem like a cool idea. I especially find mouse-clicking annoying when my roommate or girlfriend are on the computer and I am trying to sleep. According to RareMono, this mouse only transmits 36.5 decibels of sound (compared to 58.0 db for a normal mouse). It does this by placing silicone under the mouse buttons. The mouse also features a forward and back button as well as a scroll button, and it is on sale for just under $25. I would recommend giving this to your roommate as a “present” for his birthday or something and kill two birds with one mouse.

noisy keyboard silent keyboard

The Silent Keyboard also reduces the sound of typing. I find noisy keyboards a lot less annoying, but they can still get on one’s nerves. It has no extra buttons or features but claims to reduce sound from 30.9 db to 6.0 db. It is on sale for about $33.

Silent Keyboard

Silent Mouse 2

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  1. this is the funnyest story on this site

  2. If I gave a mouse to my girlfriend she would look more like the drawing on the second picture.

  3. I Love You.

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