5 Reasons Why the MacBook Air Sucks: Macbook Air Parodies

Apple’s newest laptop, the MacBook Air, is being talked about by everybody, though it has some serious issues. Reason number 1: You can fit it in a manila envelope. This is the best only selling point of the product. Well, quite frankly, it sucks. This is the original Apple MacBook Air 30-second ad spot: Reason […]

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iTunes Now Second Music Retailer in U.S.

Last Tuesday, Apple announced both the release of their new notebook computer as well as the results of their newest market research revealing that Apple has surpassed Best Buy to become the nation’s second largest music retailer. iTunes has over 50 million customers who have purchased over four billion songs. Wal-Mart remains the nation’s largest […]

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Apple Drops iPod Shuffle Price

Apple has just dropped iPod Shuffle prices to $49 for 1GB (240 songs) and $69 for 2GB (480 songs). This makes it easy for anyone to own a decently-sized (both in physical size and storage capacity) mp3 player.

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