Booze Reviews: Killian’s Irish Red

Inspired by Nick, I have decided to write a booze review as well. I will be featuring my new favorite beer this summer: Killian’s Irish Red. Even though it is made by Coors it is not on the cheap side (or the expensive side). It comes out to about $1.25 if you buy it from […]

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Booze Reviews: Newcastle Brown Ale

Today on Booze Reviews, one of my favorite beers: Newcastle Brown Ale. This beer is sold pretty much everywhere in the US, for not too much money–about $1 a bottle. This is unless, of course, you live in Utah where it’s the utterly ridiculous price of $2.35 a bottle at the state liquor store. Newcastle […]

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Booze Reviews: Pabst Blue Ribbon

A lot of college students tend to drink really crappy booze. Therefore, I have decided to start doing booze reviews so that you can hopefully drink better alcohol, or at least get your money’s worth. In Utah, that last bit is more difficult than you might think–state run liquor stores control the pricing of all […]

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Booze Reviews: Newcastle DraughtKeg

[Editor’s note: College Being was sent a review sample of Newcastle DraughtKeg. This will not influence our opinions.] Newcastle now joins Heineken with their own mini keg offering. The Newcastle DraughtKeg is a mini 5-litre keg. It comes with enough beer for 14 regular 12 oz servings and costs about $15 to $20 depending on […]

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The Miracle Beer Diet

We at College Being really love our beer. Tip of the Day: Drinking up to 2 (for women) or 4 (for men) beers a day has been shown to reduce chances of cardiovascular disease and prolong life. [Thanks Joe]

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