OMG, A Ninja Holds This Camera

So I was not particularly going to write a story just now, but then my friend sent me the following video. After seeing it I have the biggest rush I have ever received from watching a video. Man, it even rivals going on that wooden roller coaster I once went on. First built in 1901, […]

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CPR Saves (Animals’) Lives

BERLIN — Last Friday, a student gave CPR to a tiger cub who was chocking on a piece of meat reports Reuters. The German medical student jumped over the fence on the visit to the zoo to help the animal keeper. After removing the meat from the animal’s mouth, the animal still would not breath. […]

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Europe may be illegal downloader’s dream

Earlier this week, the EU Court of Justice ruled that internet service providers should not share the identities of their customers when concerning civil lawsuits regarding illegal downloading. This serves as a major blow for the recording and movie industry as they lose virtually all chance of obtaining the identity of persons who are illegally […]

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