Farting in Class – Hilarious Video!


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7 Banned Commercials from Around the World

Last week we showed you the 7 coolest commercials from around the world. Here are the most controversial: Flavored Condom Banned Commercial: Xbox – Life is Short Banned Commercial: Zazoo Condoms Banned Commercial:

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7 Funniest Commercials from Around the World

We have already shown you the best commercials from the Super Bowl. Here are the funniest commercials in the world:

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Top 8 Sports Fails [Videos]

ESPN’s SportsNation has announced the winners of the first ever FAILy Awards. Here are the unlucky winners: Japanese MMA Backflip FAIL Bryan Carrasco Epic Soccer Flop FAIL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7o_3mQ_dEo

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