12 Tips on How to Save Money This Christmas/Holiday Season

Christmas Cards 1. Send letters. If you regularly send Christmas cards, think about sending letters instead. With that extra cash saved, you can include an extra picture in every letter or just save the money to buy yourself a Christmas gift. 2. Send post cards. You can also send post cards to save on postage. […]

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Steal My Halloween Costume: 12 Great Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some Halloween costume ideas for lazy people who haven’t come up with their own yet: A classic zombie: Photo by Bahman. A Starbucks zombie: Photo by Laughing Squid

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How to Learn Math Like a Slacker

The above video was the winner for the America’s Smartest Slacker contest. Nice job everyone who entered!

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7 Most Sentimental Commercials from Around the World

Last week we showed you the coolest commercials from around the world. Here are the most sentimental: Children See, Children Do: Gift of Hair Cancer Commercial: Heaven Can Wait PSA Commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9hFbO2NoY8

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7 Funniest Commercials from Around the World

We have already shown you the best commercials from the Super Bowl. Here are the funniest commercials in the world:

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