How to Get a Super-Hot Body

With all these modern diets and workout routines, it is hard to know which ones give you that super-hot body which will make all members of the opposite sex droll enough saliva to fill a medium-sized graduated cylinder. Well, here you go: The I Want Six Pack Abs routine This routine will take you through […]

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How to Get a Hot Girlfriend, Guaranteed!

If you currently do not have a hot girlfriend or have never had one, then you are the problem. Change yourself with these helpful hints and you are sure to get some hot babes crawling all over you. [Note: The lower number means that rule is more important, e.g., rule #1 is the most important, […]

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Hot College Being of the Month: We Want You!

If you feel you are just pure awesomeness and want to be the official hot mascot of College Being for a month then here is your chance. We are looking for hot women and men to send a picture and a short little bio about yourself to: hot at If you are selected, you […]

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