Earn While You Learn: 5 Part-Time Jobs for College Students

It’s no surprise that many college students are broke. Tuition keeps going up while scholarships disappear and it’s harder than ever to get loans with the ongoing recession. So what’s a student to do when there are no more used textbooks at the campus bookstore and he barely has the money for a cafeteria burrito? […]

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The Great Recession [Infographic]

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3 Jobs You Can Start While Still in College

College means different things to different people. For some it’s a time to let their hair down before they settle down to becoming serious professionals, for others it’s a launching pad that helps them achieve their professional and personal dreams and goals, and for yet others it is a sea of opportunities that they must […]

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17 More Jobs to Waste Your College Degree On

If the first 10 highest paying jobs you don’t need your college degree for did not interest you, here is a list of the next 17: 27. General and operations manager Average salary: $48,000 per year 26. Database, network and computer systems administrator Average salary: $48,000 per year 25. Network systems and data communications analyst […]

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The Best Jobs to Waste Your College Degree On

The following jobs are the highest paying jobs you can get without having a college degree: 10. Real estate broker Average salary: $58,720 per year 9. Computer software engineer Average salary: $58,900 per year 8. Municipal fire fighting and prevention supervisor Average salary: $58,902 per year 7. Forest fire fighting and prevention supervisor Average salary: […]

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