Piracy and Me

Would you steal a car!? If it was as easy as downloading a movie, yeah. There is a big difference between piracy and stealing. The biggest problem with piracy is how easy it is to do it. There is also relatively low risk of getting caught due to the high number of individuals who do […]

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Is Anti-Piracy Going too Far?

With all the recent news about the MPAA and CMPDA (the Canadian version) vs. The Pirate Bay and everyone else they are suing, we must wonder if anti-piracy is going too far. I am all for piracy. Feel free to download illegal music, movies, television shows, game, etc. (just do not hold me accountable; hint: […]

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New York Times Finally Up To Date on Textbook Piracy

Textbook piracy, though not even closely as prevent as music and movies, has been around since PDFs were invented. The New York Times has recently discovered that it exists: AFTER scanning his textbooks and making them available to anyone to download free, a contributor at the file-sharing site PirateBay.org composed a colorful message for “all […]

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