quick and dirty: truths about sex

Here’s some quick facts backed by actual scientific evidence:

  • passionOnly 54% of men think about sex everyday. 43% think about sex once a week to a few times a month and the rest think about sex even less than that.
  • As soon as a woman enters a relationship, her sex drive (libido) begins to fall. This is not true for men. Men will always have a similar sex drive no matter how long they have been in a relationship. This might explain why men are more likely to cheat than women.
  • The average erect penis size is just over 5 inches. 5.08in and 5.35in are two numbers found by two independent studies. Both these studies seemed reliable, unlike most studies of this type that have men measure their own penis size.
  • HIV is a lot harder to get than “they” would have you believe. If a man wears a condom the chances he will get HIV from having sex is 1 in 50,000,000. Without a condom, it is at least ten times as likely. Women can get HIV more easily then men and the chances of a woman contracting the diseases while sleeping with an infected man is 1 in 1,000.
  • The average sexual encounter lasts between 3 and 10 minutes.

[source: Psychology Today]

[image source: Constanten Schneider (casch)]

5 Thoughts on “quick and dirty: truths about sex”

  1. That last one is a little bit depressing.

    But yeah, if you’re smart enough to use a condom (and put it on right, no thanks to abstinence-only education), you get rid of a lot of the risk, though there are a few STI’s that can be transmitted by skin contact.

  2. The problem with telling people that HIV is “difficult” to catch, is that it leads to being too casual about unsafe sex. Then you are exposed to other STDs. Besides, there are so many factors that make sex more or less safe (like circumcision) that its impossible to use such statiistics.
    Anyway, let me point out a great condom guidance resource, its more useful than finding reasons to avoid condoms

  3. Yes Irene, I was a little worried about putting that fact in there as well, but I figured it was better that I tell the truth than not include it. I am a strong believer in condoms and similar contraceptives that also aid in diminishing the spread of STDs so thank you for your link.

  4. Another way of decreasing HIV infection is by not having anal sex with someone of the same sex and not sharing needles with people.

  5. The average sex doesnt last btwn 3 and 10 min.

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