Two More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Pot

cannabisWhile smoking (cigarettes) in the balcony of my friend’s downtown Miami apartment, I reminded myself of a discussion I had online with another friend. Just for the sake of argument I took the stand that says cannabis (the marijuana plant) is bad for you, but she took the opposite stand and told me there was no such proof. Well, after reading many research studies I discovered that, like everything else, there are people saying both things. No real conclusion right? Well yeah, pretty much. It sucks, but I’ll have to leave those details for another time. Here, I have found two brand new reasons why you shouldn’t smoke pot.

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Reason 1: According to a new study published in Thorax by the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand which compared smoking pot to smoking cigarettes, pot can cause damage to your lungs. This damage is not as bad as the damage caused by smoking fags, but it is still significant and should deter you from lighting that next joint. The problem seems to be that when one smokes pot he or she breaths more in and does not use a filter. This hot air is where most of the damage comes from.

Reason 2: With the current laws of the U.S., if you get busted for drug related crimes (even minor possession) you may lose your right to vote, obtain food stamps, adopt a child, and maybe more depending on your state.

Is it worth it? Well, I am not trying to tell you what to do, even though it says something about that in the title. I gave you some facts, now use it to make up your own damn mind.

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  1. That roach is wicked!

  2. Where do I find out about reason 2 in my state?

  3. I think it’s bullshit that smoking weed should be able to keep people from voting. I’m not a stoner or anything, though I’ve gotten high a couple of times, but alcohol and cigarettes (both of which I do partake in) are both responsible for more social ills than weed, and they’re legal. I don’t see why we couldn’t legalize weed, tax the shit out of it, and use the revenue to fund education.

  4. I agree with you 100% Nick.
    curious mind, you need to use Google because every state has a different site for its legislation. The Florida site for example is Good luck.

  5. drinking and driving causes more deaths than marijuana x1000. When you see two men at a ball park, one is rude and loud and the other is sitting happily watching the game. Which one is smoking pot? Harmful effects of marijuana are highly overrated. I do agree that smoking pot is harmful to you. But smoking ANYTHING is going to be harmful to you.

  6. //I think it’s bullshit that smoking weed should be able to keep people from voting. I’m not a stoner or anything, though I’ve gotten high a couple of times, but alcohol and cigarettes (both of which I do partake in) are both responsible for more social ills than weed, and they’re legal. I don’t see why we couldn’t legalize weed, tax the shit out of it, and use the revenue to fund education.//


  7. Alcohol and cigarettes kill more people than crack, heroin, coke, speed and pot combined. They are two drugs that are legal. One who gets drunk is capable of becoming violent, obnoxous and irrational. They also carry the potentiol to get behind the wheel of thousand pound bullet when their coordination is not at their best. I would smkoke pot over drinking any day. Also, Chris, to eliminate the harm done to your lungs from the hot air breathed while smoking marijuana, use a fucking bong. All pot does is take off your blindfold and make you hungry. The only reason the government doesent want it legal is because of what would happen if our country industrialized hemp. It can create clothing, food, textiles, medicine, building material, and even fuel for cars. This plant could be plentiful, it practicly grows anywhere in the states and can have three growing seasons in one year. But companies that lobby aginst such act stop this. Imagine would happen to clothing companies when hemp clothing has proven it lasts longer and is more quality made. Imagine what would happen to oil companies when ethanol is extracted from marijuana plants(that doent have any thc)and we don’t NEED oil anymore. Why am I telling you this, you should educate yourself.

  8. @Michael E: Thanks for your helpful comment. I am aware of all the lobbying done against industrialized hemp, and think that weed should be made legal. The point of my article, however, was just to inform people of some of the consequences of smoking weed in today’s current legislation.

    I was not aware that smoking pot from a bong would nullify reason number 1. Is that true?

  9. Marijuana is a plant
    Alcohol is a poison…Which one are you going to trust?

    Pot is used for many things and help more people then any other ligal drug.

    I been smoking it everyday for years and has helped me with my eating problem and my bipolar, when medication has harmed me so much that I had to stop taking medication all together.

    I say put down that bottle and hard drugs and start smoking that J(Joint)


  10. yeah pot!

  11. It’s not true about the bong. Although bongs cool down the smoke a fair bit (making it less harmful for your lungs), IT’S STILL HOT!! And it will still cause much damage!

  12. P.S- Alcohol is made from plants too… dah

  13. Smoking dope (or anything else) is for dopes.

  14. >P.S- Alcohol is made from plants too… dah

    actually alcohol is the waste product from the yeast eating the plant… more like fungus pee… yummy! :D

  15. Hi i smoke about $250 a mouth of weed and about $100 of hash and drink wine by the gellin im a proud smoker and drunk soe feel free to smoke and drink as much as you want cauus were all going to die anyway like the hippies youse to say nothin to louse….

  16. Hey everyone! I’m in my last year of high school, at Kewanee. I see so many people in this town through there life away do to marijuana. I think it’s a drug that people shouldn’t use at all. I’m ranked #2 in state for basketball and i dont think i could of done it if i was on that drug. Everyone says it helps you, i would say it doesn’t. I think its pointless. What does it help you with in the long fun? To lose stress? Go shoot around or run or something. But one thing i will say is, why get into trouble when doing it. It’s your life your body so maybe cops and everyone should let it be okay! That is one thing i dont understand. Smoking cigarettes is like the same thing no joke. But they let that slide? Not fair. But they do say life is not fair!

  17. understood my man Albie.. u play basketball.. not everyone can play basketball.. i play soccer and i smoke pot too.. well the problem is with ppl is dat they generalize every shit. The truth is that the entire cosmos is relative.. Remember theory of relativity Einstein? Diff ppl have diff things to do.. U wont throw away ur life if u smoke pot.. dats bullshit.. some will but not all.. same as basketball, some will be successfull and some dont.. legalization of marijuana is complicated but many european countries are experimenting with it.. some longer than the other and its ok.. no harm done so far.. i think we are very poorly educated abt these drug related stuff.. many ppl out there with only opinions nothing much.. i have friends who smoke and friends who dont.. but i dont have friends who force others to smoke or dont.. let them be with their opinion unless they harm u.. when have u ever heard death caused by car accident driver high?? bank robbed by slackers or hippies?? have u ever seen a misbehaving high guy? so far in my book smoking pot is ok.. medically.. i dont kno but there is a lot of shit out there is killing u everyday.. think about it..

  18. Of course the hot air is going to fuck your lungs. Apparently getting your fucking car and driving to work every morning also fucks your lungs. Marijuana is a plant much like tobacco, except for one critical point..tobacco is processed, it has sooo much shit added to it. The tobacco leaf alone without additives will not hurt you if smoked occasionally. Marijuana is not processed EVER, even the process of making hashish has no additives, it is all pure plant. Smoking joints was never my thing, I’ve been into pipes, but mostly water cooled (bongs, hookahs, bubblers etc.) and never a breathing problem to be had, I’ve had regular check ups with doctors an they say I’m incredibly healthy.

  19. Two More Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Pot

    this is probably the dumbest thing Ive ever herd i have asthma im 15 ive been toking since 6 grade and Im fine grades are good and I actuaally skateboard every day of my life and smoke herb everyday so stop wasting your time with pointless threads

  20. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for a rational, clear cut article with a few facts about smoking, especially ones that do not support using weed, because those tend to be the worst in terms of propaganda.

  21. cigarettes cause lung cancer.
    Weed actually slows/stops growth of some cancers.
    and yes, anything you smoke does cause some lung damage, but its because its smoke. Youre not supposed to breathe in smoke alot. Use a vaporizer.

  22. I’m goin with my man phil up here.fuck this shit about anything bad about pot.It does way more good than bad (if any).It is the only thing that can save this world.Hence why it has been the most used plant for thousands of years.(There is nothing wrong with pot. GET OVER IT)

  23. youuur a fagggg SMOKE WEEEEEEED EVERY DAYY(:

  24. weed doesnt kill

    hemp can possibly save planet but people to ignorant to learn about it just because its a illegal substance.
    pick up a book and learn more about cannabis who ever wrote this

  25. i think weed shouldn’t be legal because it one of the most common things that lead to people to lung cancer or something. I mean you cant necessarily die from weed but it can really mess you up because my uncle was a druggie and he smoked and it really changed him alot and i hated it when he was high. And plus you could lose the people you love and care about because when your high you don’t know whats going on and you could do something completely stupid. So yea it should just stay illegal

  26. Check out this youtube video with 7 chilling reasons why nobody should EVER smoke marijuana.

  27. i think casey needs to toke up :)

  28. @Casey:

  29. stop smoking cigs….ur killing everyone!!! Smoke weed.

  30. smoking weed is for people who just can’t handle the reality of life.

  31. @Nick: i am a stoner and im only 13 i smoke everyday but im the best on my soccer team, the fastest, with the most cardeo so every thats againts weed can kiss my ass

  32. Smoked marijuana… contains more than 400 different chemicals, including most of the hazardous chemicals found in tobacco smoke…

    There are no FDA-approved medications that are smoked. For one thing, smoking is generally a poor way to deliver medicine. It is difficult to administer safe, regulated dosages of medicines in smoked form. Secondly, the harmful chemicals and carcinogens that are byproducts of smoking create entirely new health problems. There are four times the level of tar in a marijuana cigarette, for example, than in a tobacco cigarette

  33. @ Scott

    Although, marijuana may contain 4 times the amount of carcinogens than cigarettes. I often do not see someone smoke 5 joints a day which equal a pack of smokes (I see often)..
    Everyone who is talking about *lung* effects.. Have you ever heard of a vaporizer which heats marijuana to the temperature that THC combusts? Marijuana is the most amazing plant this world has seen, it doesn’t kill brain cells. Hemp oil has been found to cure cancer. You won’t hear about anything beneficial because what profit is it to Pfizer to cure anything?
    All this shit is propoganda.
    “Oh, but it kills brain cells, this study proved it!”..
    Which one?
    The one where they suffocated monkeys with concentrated smoke for several minutes depriving them of all oxygen?
    “Yea that one!”..
    It is our right to smoke and do with our bodies as we wish. It is a constitutional violation for the government to tell us what we can and cannot put into our bodies.
    Ever see a high person vomit on themselves, pass out, get gang-banged, ect? No, but I sure have seen some drunk people behave that way. Let me finish this off with some quotes.

    “Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

    “Some of my finest hours have been spent sitting on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see.” – Thomas Jefferson

    This one is good.. Propaganda and yellow journalism at its finest!

    “I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast” – Ronald Reagan

    ^ is who started the war on drugs. Congratulations Mr. Reagan you cost America $23,996,032,192+ a YEAR not including 40k a year to keep every “smoker” in jail. If only our government wasn’t so corrupt.. They make a profit from people being in jail.. Isn’t that like… the worst fucking thing people could do? Throw people in jail for money? Yes.. Fucking cunts <3 America though right?

    Kind of funny how our founding fathers would be considered criminals by today's standard. It's hypocrisy at its finest!


    Ur fucking stupid… First of all.. New zealand can blow a phat johnson.. Second, there is this thing called a water bong.. The purpose of the water in the bong is to cool the smoke down.. You act like the only way to smoke weed is through a joint. And 3rd and final.. In the next 5-10 years marijuana will be used as a cash crop and it will be legal.. And heres a few fun facts for your fun fact box..
    1. The decleration of independence is wroten on hemp(weed)
    2. Tomas jefferson and bejamin franklin wrote in their journals about how marijuana is much preffered over tobacco.. Ya the smart fatass prez smoked some weed, and he invented the lightning rod, bifocals and he made the first oven… He had the
    3.the STRONGEST ropes are made from the marijuana plant..
    4. I <3 marijuana

  35. @casey


    … Casey im sorry about your uncle.. But ur a fuggin raaaatarddd, umm first off if your uncle cant function .. Its prob cuz hes doing other things than mary-j… And have you ever heard of someone overdosing on weed? Even lung cancer from weed? Ummm no.. Do you hear about someone getting in a car and killing a family on the highway because he/she was high? Ummm no.. But you do hear about things like that happening from alchohal.. And i do beleive its i have never heard of someone smoking soooo much that you pass out and wake up with a sore asshole.. No that would be alcohal..

  36. u all r fucin dumb..ahahha fuck weed im living.

  37. you people that think drugs are okay must be fucking crazy! The reason theres more alcohol deaths is because more people use it,,, and drugs fuck up your life, thats why i have a mother that works 3 jobs and a father thats a fuck up.

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