Booze Reviews: Burnett’s Dry Gin

I’m not much of a liquor person. I used to chug Captain Morgan by the bottle, but since I learned to like beer, and found that I can actually enjoy alcoholic beverages instead of choking them down for the sole purpose of getting hammered, I haven’t been much for liquor. Gin, however, has always been an exception to this rule. My favorite gin thus far is Tanqueray, but that shit is expensive. So I went looking for a cheaper alternative. Now, cheap liquor is generally bad; I’m not a hobo and therefore I don’t like things that come in plastic bottles. However, every once in a while, you find a cheap liquor that’s actually good, or at least pretty tolerable. Burnett’s is such a beverage. Click to continue reading…


5 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

The textbook industry is a 14 billion dollar a year industry, and professors and colleges push that number as high as they can through a variety of means. These can include: slightly “updating” popular, expensive textbooks every few years, inflating prices of both new and used books, and conveniently “running out” of used books. The newest thing is renting – why sell a student a book when you can rent it to him/her for basically the same price. After the class is over, the bookstore gets the book back for free.

#1 Buy Older Versions Online

Perhaps the most lucrative way to save money is by purchasing the previous version of a particular textbook – often for a fraction of the price of the latest version. You’ll need to ask your professor if this is okay, but I know from experience that it usually is. Don’t buy one that’s four or five versions back – try to get the most recent discontinued version. Professors “update” these books just to make more money – rarely because there’s new content. Click to continue reading…

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Grandma, what’s a dildo?

I was recently having a debate with a friend of mine about abstinence-only sex education. So, instead of turning college being into a political site, I will just show you a fun video about an old lady talking about sex toys. Maybe one day teens will be able to obtain factual sexual information in their classrooms as well as they currently do on Youtube.

If you feel comfortable with an old lady talking about sex, then jump to see the video.

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7 Porn Movies That Should Have Been: Vol. 1 – Now in Theaters [nsfw]

Below are seven fictional, but totally believable porn movies. Porn movie producers: I want royalties if this is your next big hit. Titles include the following movies: Daddy Day Cramp, Inside Paris, The Boner Ultimator, Under Doggie, Harry Popper 5, Who’s You Daddy?, and Hot Rod.

Jump to see the DVD covers I made using the worst of my Photoshop skills. This is probably not safe for work.

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Booze Reviews: Red Stripe

Forgot to do this over the weekend, when I actually had Red Stripe, but nonetheless I think I remember it well enough.
Red Stripe is a Jamaican lager, distinguishable by the oddly shaped bottle (similar to Sessions Lager) and, of course, the red stripe. It’s not exceptionally hoppy, but still has a good flavor to it. Not much in the way of head, really, and in this case that’s a good thing–lighter lagers shouldn’t be poured with a head.

Though I tend to be a fan of ales and darker beers (stouts, dopplebocks, etc), I enjoyed Red Stripe quite a bit. It’s a beer I’d recommend to anyone who likes light lager. I greatly preferred it to Heinekin or Corona. The place where Red Stripe falls down, however, is the price. Though not overly expensive, it’s not exceptionally cheap either, which means it’s less likely to be purchased by broke-ass college students like you and me. That said though, if you don’t mind the slightly higher cost and you’re a fan of good light lagers, give Red Stripe a try. You won’t be disappointed.