The Pros And Cons Of Studying Abroad, What Every Student Must Know!

Studying abroad is one fantasy that every student wants to fulfill once in a lifetime. So if you are one of those passionate students desperately seeking an admission in a foreign university, here are some pros and cons of studying abroad that you must give a serious thought before applying for your student visa:

1) The Experience Away From the Homeland


Going to a new place and mingling with new people is always an exciting idea. Exploring new culture and society, eating food and looking around fascinating sites make the whole experience more memorable and beautiful. Besides, you meet with locals and make new friends and blend into the diversity of a new place.


Staying in a new place has its own set of problems. While it may look like a refreshing experience, it takes time and efforts to settle in a new place, especially if no one knows you there. Besides you are prone to many unforeseen problems that may come in the form of financial stress and diseases. You may even become a victim of racism or religious discrimination. A good research and analysis of your destination will give you enough knowledge about your choice of your place and what to expect there.

2) Meeting with New People and Society


Going abroad offers you an opportunity to make new friends and social acquaintances. In an academic setting, you will have a chance to meet people with diversified social and cultural background. They may have similar interests and hobbies, so you can befriend with like-minded people who may become a big support in your studies.


While you are away from your home, you may become a victim of home sickness. If you are someone who loves Click to continue reading…

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How to Declare War on Your Deadlines: Last-Minute Advice

Image by Ivo Posthumus

Image by Ivo Posthumus

Whoops, your deadline is just a few days away and you have done nothing on your essay. Other students have spent weeks reading the right books for the essay, and you have zoned it out until the last minute. You are now in an emergency situation so you are going to have to take a military stance on the situation your find yourself in. Here are a few military-esque maneuvers you should follow in order to ensure that you do not fail your assignment/project.

Declare war on the situation

This means that you need to spend all of your time working on your essay, and refusing anything else. Sleeping and eating are your only luxuries you will enjoy from now until your deadline.

You really need to take a hard line with yourself and understand that your lax standards and work ethic are the reasons why you are in this mess. With that in mind, you then need to resolve to take the strictest actions possible to ensure you are not going to fail.

Collect together your enemies and hit them one at a time

Deadlines are your enemies, so you need to gather them together in a timeline so you can see what needs to be done first. You need to prioritize your work, by figuring out what needs to be done first and which needs to be done last. You also need to figure out which ones are going to land you in the most trouble Click to continue reading…


Five Mobile Apps That Will Get You Through College

College freshman year can be an overwhelming time; new people, new location and plenty of advanced coursework, projects, deadlines and social obligations. But thanks to mobile technology, everything from studying to timekeeping and even budgeting has become easier and more efficient.

Not sure where to get started? Here are the top five mobile apps that will pull students through college with flying colors:

1. Mental case


[Available on iOS for $4.99]

Flash cards are still a very efficient way to learn, but these days they’re a bit more high tech than the stack of black and white cue cards they once were. Of course, the principle is the same; the virtual flashcards are designed to help students create mental notes and commit important information to memory.

However, with the Mental Case app, the usual text flash cards can be enhanced with images and audio, and can be shown as a slideshow with adjustable timing. Notes taken in class can later be turned into flashcards, and these can then be shared with others via mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

2. Evernote


[Available for free on Android and iOS]

Similar to Mental Case, the Evernote app allows students to take notes in a number of different ways, including voice function. Photos, locations and additional tags can be added to the notes, which can also be shared with friends and fellow students.

The Evernote trunk includes a number of useful classroom tools, and articles, web pages and URLs can be saved and stored in categorized folders, while notes can easily be turned into review sheets.

Because the app is cloud-based students can store as much as they need to without worrying about running out of space or the need to transfer data to another device.

3. Dropbox

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Tips for Surviving the First Year of Medical School

Being accepted into medical school is a great accomplishment, and you’ll be happy to start on your path toward your dream. However, medical school is different than your undergraduate years in many ways. What do you need to survive and thrive during that first year of medical school?

Limit Other Obligations

Having an array of jobs, activities and other obligations might have worked when you were still a senior in college. However, you need to cut back on as many of these other obligations as possible. Medical school is going to take up a lot of your time, and you are going to need to maintain high grades. Having other distractions really threatens your chances of being successful. If you must have a job, try to find a school sponsored one related to your field of study.

Having Support

This American Medical Association’s article emphasizes the importance of having a support system. Click to continue reading…

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