Models Falling Down = Funny

A funny compilation of models falling down on the runway. Check our Ms. 1 minute 50 seconds for a super-laugh, plus the following girl is a mega hottie.

Here you go:



Free Rice for People too Poor to Buy Their Own Rice

A new game by the UN World Food Program lets you improve your vocabulary and give food to the hungry. The Free Rice game gives you a word, such as neglect, and four other words, such as argue, corroborate, hesitate, and disregard. You must pick the word that is a synonym to the first word. In the case of neglect it would be disregard.

See what I did there? I have demonstrated that I have above a second grade education and just donated 20 grains of rice to some poor people! For each word you get right, the WFP will donate 20 grains of rice. The words do change difficulty as you get them right or wrong however, so at least that should keep you from getting bored. There is a max of 60 levels–wow!

How does the WFP do this? Why don’t they just give the rice without having us play this game? Well the website has sponsors and by playing the game and seeing the ads on the website you are giving money to the WFP. With the money they are making from you playing the game, they donate it to the poor people of the world.

As an added bit of fun you can hear each word spoken out loud by a funky computer voice.

Now go spend your non-College Being online time on something productive.

[Click here to play the game]


Bloody Shower Prank

The video below is a funny prank where people who are required to take a shower before going into the pool are made to believe they are bleeding. My favorite is the poor woman who thinks she is having her period.


5 Reasons Why the MacBook Air Sucks: Macbook Air Parodies

Apple’s newest laptop, the MacBook Air, is being talked about by everybody, though it has some serious issues.

Reason number 1: You can fit it in a manila envelope.

This is the best only selling point of the product. Well, quite frankly, it sucks.

This is the original Apple MacBook Air 30-second ad spot:

Reason number 2: It costs as much as my ten-year-old Jeep Cherokee.

I know I paid $300 for my iPod, but come on Apple! Click to continue reading…


Complete Short Movie: Spider

The following 8-minute video is the complete short movie “Spider.” It was directed by Nash Edgerton and produced by Aussie film company Blue-Tongue Films.

The film has been shown at the Sydney Film Festival, Melbourne, Telluride, Cork, AFI Fest in L.A., and others.


[Source: Blue-Tongue Films]