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Due to all the requests to change our design we recently recieved, we have done as you guys requested. Christopher, 2Leaf‘s design staff, and I stayed up all night working on this goodness. Hopefully now, without the massive RSS button, you will be able to read our stories less distractedly (amazingly, that is a real word). We are still working on many more improvements to the site so stay tuned. Now enjoy and let us know your comments below.


Friday Funnies: Political Edition

Barak Obama and John McCain both made fun of themselves at the Alfred E Smith Dinner on October 16, 2008. They jokingly point fun at how the media sees them and at their own campaigns. It is nice to remember they are just normal human beings at times.



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Stay on Budget During the Tough Economy

I hate budgets. As easy as it is to shop online nowadays, one of the toughest things to do is to stay on budget. It seems however that at times budgets are a necessary tool to help us from spending too much money. Here are some ways you can budget that I have had success with:

The Old Fashioned Way

That’s right, bust out that pencil, paper, and calculator. Write down everything you can remember that you spend money on and try to estimate how much you really need each month. A more effective way to do this is to calculate how much you estimate you are going to spend each year on each category and divide by 12. This is better because it takes into account holidays, birthdays, and other events that do not necessarily occur every month. Think about it for a bit and try to think of everything. Looking at recent credit card statements may help you tremendously so start there if you are having some problems. You can always come back and rebudget if you miss something.

Excel Your Budget

Excel (or if you’re poor: OpenOffice.org Spreadsheet) is one of my favorite tools. I use it for just about everything — from tallying how much running I do each day to organizing my recipes. It is also a great tool to use for budgeting. I just organize all my expenses and list things as categories, amount spent, location/store, etc. It is a great way to organize what you are spending money on especially if you have multiple credit cards or use a lot of cash (just remember to keep receipts or you will forget what you have been spending money on). Once you have organized you expenses take advantage of the nice graphing functions so you can visually see how much money you are spending on each category.

Free Online Tools

Just a few days ago Intuit released their online Quicken version for free. Click to continue reading…


Friday Funnies: College Dropout

Proof That College Dropouts End Up Working at 7 Eleven: Here is an example of a fun way to show people what you learned in college middle school. Don’t drop out (Then again, Bill Gates is a college dropout…).

all pump


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HP Freshman 15: Winners

The finalists from our HP Freshman 15 contest are as follows:

Jace Roscoe::

The other advice I would give would basically be agreeing with someone else, but to be fair, I had the idea before seeing their post.

It would be very, very cool to have actual readers doing guest blogging. We wouldn’t restrict that to /just/ English majors, would we?

Heather Dziczek:

I am awesome because I don’t look like my picture any more — I was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma at 31 and now, rapidly approaching 33, it is behind me. I am writing a book about my cancer experience and hope to be able to publish it. (The picture is from July ’07.) In regular real life, I am a music teacher in inner-city Phoenix and an advocate for my students — their lives are already harder than mine ever was. While not working, I like to work out (especially with a trainer), play with my neurotic Chug (Chihuahua-Pug mix), dance (with or without my husband LOL), sew with my mother-in-law, play trombone in a community band. I am slowly learning to speak Spanish. Life is good, and I am grateful for it every day.


I need this laptop becaue I am a broke computer science major without a laptop or even a personal PC of my own.

All the finalists will receive a HP eco-friendly messenger bag and the first one to post a comment on here will receive the laptop. Also, two other college beings, Joe Kings and Michael Koan, will receive messenger bags.

They were randomly selected using a random number generator from random.org. We thank everybody for participating and will be awarding a small prize to everybody that participated within the next few days. All the comments submitted about the site (most of which involved the size of our RSS button) have been read and we are working on improvements to make College Being better.

Note from editor: The winner is Jace Roscoe. Jace, you will be receiving an email from us within a few minutes. Congratulations to the other winners. You will still get that awesome laptop bag.