Couple Cheat on Each Other with Each Other

broken-relationship.jpgAdnan and Sana Klaric, a Bosnian married couple, are now getting a divorce. They were both found cheating on each other with each other.

They chatted about their marriage troubles at an online chat room for hours. After getting a glimps of the love they were lacking in their marriage, both decided to meet up for a date. That is when each of them realized they were being unfaithful.

So word to the wise for you college students out there: Be sure to find out if the person you might cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend with is not really your girlfriend/boyfriend.

[source: the daily telegraph]

[image by Steven Woods]

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a vision of students today

The following video was made by a sociology class in Kansas State University. It is very enlightening:

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download radiohead’s new album for free (legally)

Radiohead’s new album entitled “In Rainbows” can be downloaded off its website, Just put it in your checkout cart and you can pay whatever you want for it including zero.

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legally download any five songs from itunes for free

If you have Facebook, search and join the group “Ticketmaster Live.” You will then get a free online gift card for the iTunes music store to download any five songs for free. You must redeem the gift card by November 15 and use it before 2008 comes along. Also, you may freely leave the Facebook group afterwards. You’re welcome.

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condom day

trojanAll college students should have condoms so today college being is having Condom Day. Throughout the course of the day, we will show you various videos of why you should use condoms and what else you can do with them. Enjoy.

[image by Bill Davenport]

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