Funniest Prank Ever – Pee on You

Alright, the following prank video has nothing to do with college but if you have 40 seconds to spare between classes, you will surely enjoy yourself.

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what’s new apple?

As I predicted, Apple did announce a new iPod yesterday. They did not do just that so here is a simple, easy-to-follow list of what’s new with Apple:

  • New iPod: iPod Touch – pretty much an iPhone without the phone. 8GB version for $299, 16GB version for $399. Comes out in a few weeks.
  • iPod upgrade: The iPod Video will now be called iPod Classic and be available in either gray or black. 80GB version will be available for $249 and the 160GB version for $349 (but it is a bit thicker).
  • iPod Nano upgrade: Wow, the new iPod Nano looks sick. The screen is now two inches wide, it plays videos, and the memory has been upgraded. The silver 4GB is going to cost a measly (by Apple’s standards) $149, while the 8GB is priced at $199 and you have the choice of any color you want.
  • New WiFi music store for the new iPod Touch and the iPhone. Now you can buy songs anywhere you have wireless internet.
  • $200 price drop on all iPhones!
  • No more production of 4GB iPhone: no one bought it anyways.

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new ipod today

Just a quick little message for you guys who were thinking of buying the college-essential iPod today (Note: I do not personally consider an iPod essential, but the other 29,999 students at my school seem to):

There is a rumor with many credible sources that a new iPod will be announced today (September 5th, 2007). This new iPod will have a 3.5 inch display (the same size as the iPhone), a possible maximum hard drive of up to 120GB, and possible wireless features similar to the iPhone’s.

A new iPod Nano is also rumored to be announced. It should feature an upgraded 320×240 pixel resolution and up to 12GB or 16GB flash memory.

Both of these will feature a new interface with cover flow–a new cool-looking thing that just makes the poor little machine slower.



Booze Reviews: Burnett’s Dry Gin

I’m not much of a liquor person. I used to chug Captain Morgan by the bottle, but since I learned to like beer, and found that I can actually enjoy alcoholic beverages instead of choking them down for the sole purpose of getting hammered, I haven’t been much for liquor. Gin, however, has always been an exception to this rule. My favorite gin thus far is Tanqueray, but that shit is expensive. So I went looking for a cheaper alternative. Now, cheap liquor is generally bad; I’m not a hobo and therefore I don’t like things that come in plastic bottles. However, every once in a while, you find a cheap liquor that’s actually good, or at least pretty tolerable. Burnett’s is such a beverage. Click to continue reading…


5 Ways to Save Money on College Textbooks

The textbook industry is a 14 billion dollar a year industry, and professors and colleges push that number as high as they can through a variety of means. These can include: slightly “updating” popular, expensive textbooks every few years, inflating prices of both new and used books, and conveniently “running out” of used books. The newest thing is renting – why sell a student a book when you can rent it to him/her for basically the same price. After the class is over, the bookstore gets the book back for free.

#1 Buy Older Versions Online

Perhaps the most lucrative way to save money is by purchasing the previous version of a particular textbook – often for a fraction of the price of the latest version. You’ll need to ask your professor if this is okay, but I know from experience that it usually is. Don’t buy one that’s four or five versions back – try to get the most recent discontinued version. Professors “update” these books just to make more money – rarely because there’s new content. Click to continue reading…

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