Best Online Dating Websites (Websites with Monthly Fees)

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Dating is a daunting task. Regardless of one’s age, getting out there into the dating scene and trying to make meaningful connections is difficult. The main places where people go, bars and clubs, are generally for those who are looking for a casual night out, no strings attached. Finding people who are looking for a commitment may seem near impossible. Opportunities at work may be limited with only a small selection of possible dates who may not spark an interest. Other social gatherings are far and few between. Online dating sites are a breakthrough, providing people with a way to narrow down what is available and find those with common interests. It may be scary but with common sense and caution, it’s possible to find potential soulmates with a little nudge from the internet.

Internet dating sites allow people to post their photos and profiles, sharing their location, age, description, hobbies, and goals in life. Individuals can be specific about what they are looking for–someone to spend time with from time to time or someone to spend a lifetime with in a meaningful relationship. There are many popular sites but some rank at the top for the absolute best opportunities. boasts of having 20,000 singles joining each day. What of the greatest positive aspects is the sites formula for matching personalities. They even offer their members a guarantee that they will meet someone special to them within six months of signing up. Their large numbers of members alone are an advantage, meaning there is a better chance of finding a match. is another site that matches members based on personality, hopefully finding that person who will click. They have a broad assortment of candidates from all walks of life and use an excellent email notification system to inform people about a possible match. is betting on exactly what it’s named for–chemistry. People need to have more than common interests or an attractive exterior. There needs to be that chemical attraction and electricity that makes a person’s heart sing. Through the use of feedback, personality information, and responses about chemistry, matches are found. In addition, there is helpful advice for members when navigating the rough waters of a new relationship. is probably the best known of any of the sites with a great deal of time and energy devoted to publicity on television and elsewhere. This is a site to watch when a free weekend is offered. That free service may be enough to raise curiosity and make someone branch out to a new prospect in dating. Millions are involved in this site and it is for those who are serious about finding the other half of their heart. is another site that is counting on finding a match through personality. While this may have a smaller user base, there are still many opportunities to find that special someone who makes sparks fly. Dating may be hard but online dating sites help smooth the way.

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Ning Jiang: Save lives, one filter at a time

One of our readers, a UCSB graduate student, Ning Jiang, alongside the nonprofit Safe Water International are currently raising funds to help develop a super-low cost filter to be used in Malawi, Africa, and possibly many other areas of the world. We thought the project was awesome and it deserved a plug.

Check out the video:

You can help by donating as little as one dollar! Visit the project page to donate or view more info:

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Paying for a Semester Abroad

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Every college student knows that working while receiving an education is not a simple task. Time management is of the essence, and money can become scarce. So why even think about something so far out of reach such as studying abroad? Because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it may not be as far out of reach as you believe. Disregarding the idea of a study abroad right off the bat due to financial issues can be a mistake. Yes, studying abroad can turn out to be a costly experience, but there are ways to turn this dream into reality.

Contact Financial Aid. Whether or not you receive financial aid, see in what ways they may be able to help you. Speak with an advisor and inquire if and how financial aid can be utilized towards your study abroad. Title IV of the Higher Education Act may also provide you with a little further information about the requirements needed in order for the study abroad to be covered by Financial Aid.

Free Money is Always Great! Research about scholarships and grants available specifically for study abroad. School’s sometimes will offer such a scholarship depending on the study abroad program. Again, find out with an advisor if this is possible. Ask about the requirements, deadlines, and how to apply. There are also scholarships and grants outside of your school that are also for overseas education. The greatest aspect of scholarships and grants is that you don’t need to pay it back! There are no interests, no fees, no worries. You simply need to search for the one that is right for you. Here are a couple of links to get you started.

Loans? Loans may be a risky deal. However, it does not need to be. As long as you are organized and well informed about their policies, then a loan might just be the way to get you across that sea and into another country for a memorable educational experience. Begin doing some research on what loans are out there. You may want to take a look at the corporation: Sallie Mae for starters. Sallie Mae provides student loans and can be yet another option to help you out with that study abroad.

Work, Work and… Work. If you find that financial aid, and scholarships will not grant your study abroad, or if you feel hesitant to take a loan, push yourself to the maximum! It is possible that you’re already working and feel as though earning that extra cash can be close to impossible. But it is not. Perhaps it may take a little longer than you thought, possibly a year. Maybe two. But if you truly push yourself and cut down on unnecessary expenditures, you can make this happen!

Keep in mind, that aside from plane tickets and tuition, you will also need a bit extra for meals and spending. Before you do any of the above, calculate how much money you will truly need. Create an estimate, a budget. Include room and boarding, transportation, and anything else you can think of that may require spending. It is always important that you have more and not less as you will be overseas. Start researching now! Push yourself so that you can benefit from that once in a lifetime educational experience.

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