Sarah Silverman is Fucking Matt Damon

Sarah Silverman is currently cheating on Jimmy Kimmel with Matt Damon, and decides to compose a song with Damon to finally announce this to the world.

[youtube wnVJZkDuVBM nolink]

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Black Sheep: The Greatest Movie of All Time

Picture from the movie \"Black Sheep\"

Yes, that is a sheep eating a man’s face. Courtesy of IMDB.

Let me start by saying this: Black Sheep is a movie about genetically engineered, man-eating sheep. If that makes you think “Oh man, what a great idea for a movie!” continue reading. If you think that sounds retarded, skip this article. This movie is not for you. Click to continue reading…


New Dove Commercial

Many of you have seen the awesome Dove Evolution commercial where an average-looking women is turned into a super hot model on a billboard with just makeup, lighting, and Photoshop. This is Dove’s newest commercial trying to convrey a similar message to the young girls. I encourage all the college girls who read college being to really take something from this.

Dove Onslaught:

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Funniest Prank Ever – Pee on You

Alright, the following prank video has nothing to do with college but if you have 40 seconds to spare between classes, you will surely enjoy yourself.

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Booze Reviews: Burnett’s Dry Gin

I’m not much of a liquor person. I used to chug Captain Morgan by the bottle, but since I learned to like beer, and found that I can actually enjoy alcoholic beverages instead of choking them down for the sole purpose of getting hammered, I haven’t been much for liquor. Gin, however, has always been an exception to this rule. My favorite gin thus far is Tanqueray, but that shit is expensive. So I went looking for a cheaper alternative. Now, cheap liquor is generally bad; I’m not a hobo and therefore I don’t like things that come in plastic bottles. However, every once in a while, you find a cheap liquor that’s actually good, or at least pretty tolerable. Burnett’s is such a beverage. Click to continue reading…