Top 5 TV Shows about College Life

Fire up your LCD TV, your laptop, or your favorite tablet and get to watching some of the best TV shows (past and present) portraying the happiest and sometimes the most volatile period of a young person’s life. Here are the top five TV shows about college living:


Remember how depressed you were when Judd Apatow’s hilarious take on a gang of high school and middle school students in the 1980s (Freaks and Geeks) got cancelled after just one glorious season? Sadly, the exact same thing happened with his hilarious take on college life. According to Apatow, the only problem was that the show portrayed college life more or less truthfully, with sex, drugs, and drinking – a tough sell for network TV, but it sure made for one great show.

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Should I Pick a Random Dorm Roommate?

The Thought Process

It’s a new day… You’re heading to college, high school and your hometown fading into the background. Women, classes, dorms, partying, and hijinks ensuing. You have a lot on your plate, from the lack of parents for the first time in your life to the course load you’ve decided to take.

This is it. This is the beginning of a new life. A new world opening up for you. This is going to be the greatest six years of your life – We’ll round it up to seven or eight. And then you get there…

The Reality

Did I commit a heinous crime? Is this my punishment? Your dorm room looks like a stand-in setting for the television series Prison Break. You can literally hold your hands out and touch both walls.

Is that a closet? I can probably fit about three shirts and one pair of pants in… That’s all I’m getting in.

There’s an explosion in the hallway – “Ah!” The Mayans were right – No, it’s your new neighbors cranking up the sound system and playing indoor, hallway football. A few others play online video gaming without their headsets, the bullets reverberating off your wall right about the exact spot you will be placing your head down on your pillow to rest.

There won’t be any rest. So things are a little different. Okay, a lot different.

But at least your roommate looks nice. Come to find out, he likes to wake up at five in the morning and type on his keyboard so loud you think the world really is ending. He is anti-social, he likes solitude, he’s not a big talker, and at certain points in the day (after anything containing lactose) he’s a little bit smelly.

As you sit amidst the imaginary bullets bouncing off you walls, the real threat of a 6’-4” linebacker blasting through your door for a touchdown celebration, and the uncertainty revolving around your roommate, you come to think… Should I have handled this whole dorm thing slash roommate situation better? Is there anything else I could’ve done? Click to continue reading…


Earn While You Learn: 5 Part-Time Jobs for College Students

It’s no surprise that many college students are broke. Tuition keeps going up while scholarships disappear and it’s harder than ever to get loans with the ongoing recession. So what’s a student to do when there are no more used textbooks at the campus bookstore and he barely has the money for a cafeteria burrito?

Sadly, it’s time to get a job. But with class schedules that are all over the map, it can be difficult to nail down a schedule for work (why, oh why, do they always put lectures in the morning and labs in the afternoon instead of placing one right after the other?). Often, a part-time job is the only option, and that usually means working nights and weekends at some minimum wage slop.

Luckily, the modern college student, connected to the internet and savvy in the ways of communication technology, may have a lot more to offer than an upgrade to large fries and a drink. Here are a few part-time jobs that every student will want to get: Click to continue reading…


How to Not Get Addicted to Online Gambling

Going off to college provides young adults with the opportunity to try many new things that would probably be considered dangerous or stupid by their parents (even though they did exactly the same things when they were in college).

While your days are no doubt spent fueling your repository of knowledge within the vaunted halls of learning, any time not devoted to study is more likely spent filling your gullet with alcohol at a frat party. And now that you’re of age (and happily removed from the clutches of your over-protective parents) you can also buy cigarettes, stay out all night, and participate in that most adult of games: gambling. With the advent of online poker, you can even do it from the relative comfort of your dorm room. But how can you tell when your fun has turned into an addiction? And what can you do to stop it? Click to continue reading…

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Managing Type I Diabetes in College: Do’s and Don’t’s

Type 1 diabetes is a disease that is characterized by the body’s inability to produce insulin. Patients are usually diagnosed with this disease early on in life, after exhibiting common symptoms, including frequent urination, weight loss, and abnormally frequent hunger and thirst.

While many young adults learn to effectively cope with their diabetes, the transition to college can make managing this disease more difficult. Many young adults are living away from home for the first time, leaving them to deal with their disease, without the help and support of their parents. Fortunately, when following a few simple tips, patients with type 1 diabetes can seamlessly make the transition to college life, without sacrificing their health.

Effectively Manage Type I Diabetes in College

While adjusting to college life can be difficult at first, it is important to maintain your daily routine as much as possible. If you have learned to manage your disease through regular exercise, healthy dietary choices, and insulin replacement therapy, then it is important to remain committed to your management plan. Click to continue reading…

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