Get Your Stinking Paws Off Me You Damn Dirty Ape

Charlton Heston, best known for his roles in the Planet of the Apes series and Ben Hur, as well as his leadership of the National Rifle Association and his civil rights activism alongside Martin Luther King Jr., died today at the age of 84. RIP Taylor.

Now you can have his gun.

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“Alternative” Energy Sources

I believe alternative energy is a must for our future, and if we don’t get on this wagon we are going to be left behind. We should be proactive and not leave it up to politicians or the corporate empire to decide when is the right time to switch energy sources. By the time their interests coincide with the general human population, it will be too late.

The informative video below is an episode from “Big Ideas for a Small World.” It covers some of what is happening on the front of alternative energy development. The benefits of solar, wind, and methane are discussed as well as the problems with coal.


Airline Hires Passengers

Airplane InteriorBritish airline Flybe is paying 172 people to fly between Dublin, Ireland and Norwich, England. Norwich airport made a deal with the airline to give a rebate of 280,000 pounds if the airline could deliver 15,000 passengers on the route within one year. The airline was short some passengers and after the airport would not offer up even a partial rebate, decided to hire passengers in order to meet its goal. “The ludicrousness is on the Norwich side who in essence have tried to hold us to ransom, putting at risk routes into Norwich,” said Flybe Chief Commercial Officer Mike Rutter on Irish public television.

[Source: Reuters]


Google’s Time Traveling Email

Gmail Custom Time

Back to the Future Car

Announced yesterday, Google will release Gmail Custom Time. Users will now be able to send messages with a custom time stamp. This feature will be great when forgetting to send that special someone a cheap e-card, or when you forget to tell your boss about your fishing trip I mean your planned-for-months family event.

According to Google’s website, they will utilize an “an e-flux capacitor to resolve issues of causality.” Also, mentioned is the Grandfather paradox, but that does not seem like too much of an issue since you can only send an email up to four years ago.

User will only get 10 Custom Time emails per year, however. Google has done extensive research to discover that if people started sending more than ten Custom Time emails per year, everyone else would lose faith in accuracy of the time stamp. The complex equation is explained below for our more left-brained visitors:

Gmail Equation

Official Site


YouTube Rick Rolls You

As part of an April Fools’ joke, YouTube Rick Rolls all of its users. All featured videos on any of the world-wide YouTube websites will link to Rick Astley’s famous “Never Gonna Give You Up.” The user of the account is YTRickRollsYou. The user was created one week ago by the YouTube team. A special page saying “Happy April Fool’s Day 2008” was also created by the staff along with some other Rick Astley videos.

YouTube Rick Rolls You

Link to the video:

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