What to do if You Fall for Someone in Your Dorm

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Working the love angle is part and parcel of going to college. You’re finally free of the many restrictions imposed by the parental units and you can spend the night with whomever you please, strike up a relationship with someone your folks would never approve of, or date any hottie that walks by your door. It is a time of experimentation in so many ways, and finding out whom and what you like by swimming in the dating pool often is pretty much par for the course. But what if you fall, and fall hard, for someone who lives in your dorm? Is it a good idea to pursue it, knowing that it most likely isn’t fated to last (and you’ll have to face that person for the rest of the year at the very least)? Should you just throw caution to the wind and give it a go, or hold back and risk losing out on what could be the love of your life?

Many people live by the mantra “it’s better to regret the things you do than the things you don’t do”. This is well and good for people who don’t mind getting their heart broken and then living with the repercussions. You may not know it yet, but most companies prohibit (or at least frown on) interoffice dating. Can you guess why? It’s because people who date and don’t stay together rarely want to see each other afterwards. Usually one party is spurned by the other and this inequality of emotions can lead to tension and other complications if the two are in forced proximity. In short, don’t mess your nest.

This sentiment also applies to dating people in proximity to your home, which your dorm room is for the next several months. Think about passing this person in the hall or bumping into them constantly after they have broken up with you (or you have unceremoniously dumped them). Is that really something you want to deal with? Will you end up learning their schedule just so you can avoid them? Will you be jealous when you see them with other dates after you? These are all valid concerns that should be addressed before you hop in the sack with your would-be BF or GF from down the hall.

On the other hand, you should never turn down a shot at love. If you’ve had the hots for this person for awhile, they seem to like you as well, and there is a fair amount of chemistry and compatibility (all good indicators that a few dates could blossom into a more long-term situation), then perhaps you should take the plunge. After all, you could always move to another floor (or dorm) if it doesn’t work out the way you hope. The truth is, you need to make an assessment on a case by case basis. If it feels right, go for it. If you harbor a lot of nagging doubts that you can’t seem to dispel (and your friends hate them), then it’s probably best to move onto Mr. (or Mrs.) Right and leave Mr. Right Now in the room down the hall.

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Can You Be A Greek And Have Time To Be A Typical College Student, Too?

This guest post is by GreekForMe. The friendly GreekForMe.com team is made up of Greeks, so they know a thing a two about what juggling Greek life and college life is like. You can express your Greek pride with Greek merchandise by visiting GreekForMe.com.

Joining a fraternity or sorority and dedicating yourself to being an active member of that Greek organization requires commitment and quite a bit of space on your college calendar. After all, you became a Greek so that you can be a part of the great brotherhood and sisterhood of that organization, and you want to spend as much time as possible with your fellow brothers and sisters and take part in all the activities that your organization plans. There’s a lot more to being a Greek than simply wearing your letters on Greek Hoodies, and you of course want to also take part in all the usual college experience has to offer – going to your classes and trying your best, taking part in academic clubs and clubs that reflect your interests, spending time with friends, and also being a member of college-level and intramural athletics.

But how exactly do you fit a college life and Greek life into your busy college schedule?!

1. Keep A Calendar. Organization doesn’t exactly sound like too much fun, but keeping a calendar, such as an online Google Calendar, and committing to updating it, goes a long way in making your college and Greek life manageable. Plan the month in advance – schedule when your athletic practices are, when clubs or extracurricular activities are meeting, as well as Greek events and planning meetings. Be sure to slot in study time each day, as well as time to relax with your Greek and non-Greek friends, and well, time just for you! It may seem silly to schedule your days out in such detail, but you’ll instantly feel more relaxed and organized knowing that you are in control of your schedule.

2. Join A Fraternity Or Sorority That Is Most Like You. Does your campus have multiple Greek organizations? Carefully choose the one that is right for you. If academic excellence is a major priority for you, look for an organization that also embodies this goal. Community service? There’s a Greek organization for that. This way, you’ll be able to embrace Greek life while also enjoying the everyday activities that you enjoy.

3. Be You. You’re so excited to be a part of a fraternity or sorority, but remember to also retain your own interests and hobbies. If you love to take violin lessons every Thursday night or tutor English 101 students on Saturday mornings, continue to do so! The organization chose you – it’s your unique personality and interests they want to get to know. By remaining true to your personality, you’re showing that you have a great personality inside and outside of Greek life, helping you feel more balanced and like yourself.

Balancing Greek life and a normal college life is possible. Commit yourself to keeping a calendar and scheduling your activities appropriately, join a fraternity or sorority that is right for you, and always be yourself. Above all, have fun – college only lasts four years, so enjoy the ride!

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How to Survive a Ninja Attack

[Thanks Ning]

Step 1. Avoid Eye Contact

Never look a ninja directly in the eyes. You will become temporarily blinded. The best way to avoid eye contact while still winning the fight is to blindfold yourself. This way you will not be tempted to look into those dark, mysterious eyes of pure evil.

Step 2. Hidden Weapons

If you ever plan on surviving a ninja attack, you must be ready at all times of the day. You will need to hide katanas in the shower, throwing stars under your bed, guns inside your hemp protein boxes. You get the idea. You must always have at least two weapons within arms’ reach in case one gets compromised.

Step 3. Body Guards

Hiring your own personal body guards is a great way to distract ninjas. Click to continue reading…


The Miracle Beer Diet

We at College Being really love our beer.

Tip of the Day: Drinking up to 2 (for women) or 4 (for men) beers a day has been shown to reduce chances of cardiovascular disease and prolong life.

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Legitimate Ways to Get Kicked Out of Jury Duty

Image by JasonUnbound

Jury duty is your civic duty. But so is paying taxes. The following are 100% legitimate ways to get kicked out of jury duty and move on with the rest of your day:

Before The Trial

You can easily get kicked out of jury duty for not living in the state where you were called for jury duty. Having a profession where people rely on you to save lives such as a doctor or paramedic can also get you a pass. Also, courts in some states have shown leniency towards college Click to continue reading…