timex expedition

Expedition Perpetual CalendarEveryone needs to know what time it is. I, for one, cannot live without a watch. I need one that is stylish in both a formal and casual way. This one fits the bill, and has a perpetual calendar meaning the date is always set correctly. No need to keep changing it at the end of every month. For just $54.79 (original price: $85.00) who can complain?

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Harvard v. RIAA: Harvard tells schools to not give in to RIAA demands

riaa toiletpaperYesterday, the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School released a statement to all other schools. It was entitled “Universities to RIAA: Take a Hike.”

For those too pure to know what the RIAA is, let me explain. The Recording Industry Association of America is a company that works all kind of lawyer-magic and shady deals in order to stop the illegal sharing of the music owned by their members. Pretty much any popular music artist belongs to the RIAA. The RIAA boasts having 90% of all legitimate music sales in the U.S. If you have ever been sued or heard of someone being sued for downloading music, these were the guys behind it.

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What can make up do for you?

Hello, everyone! Although I originally considered that my first post, I’d like to post something unique… And extravagant, I was struck by the pangs of laziness, and thusly found myself looking at the most mundane of items on the internet, and placed here. This is my distraction from studying the practice MCAT book laying upon my desk, please, enjoy the fruits of my procrastination.

Rather interesting to think what society perceives as beauty, what lengths women go to achieve such appearances, and how deceiving it is. Although, I’m certainly not complaining.

Pic 1 - Make Up Pic 2 - Make Up

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jonhs.net free movies


That site offers free movies for watching at your pleasure. Most are in public domain (enough time passed and now copyright is expired) so they can be shown for free. There are, however, some movies I found that are new documentaries or Hollywood films. These are most definitely not in public domain so there is some copyright infringement going on. According to the author of the page, he does not post these videos up and offers an easy way for copyright holders to remove their content. Even with all of this, we shouldn’t hold up much hope that the site will be up for long due to the recent wrath of the MPAA. Go check it out before it gets shut down.

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ipod: audiostation express

Logitech AudioStation Express for iPodThe Logitech AudioStation is one of the coolest and best-looking iPod speakers I have seen. It is small and simple, just like the iPod. Plus, that orange is so nice-looking. Get it for 40% off ($59.00).

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