Booze Reviews: Killian’s Irish Red

killian’s irish red Inspired by Nick, I have decided to write a booze review as well. I will be featuring my new favorite beer this summer: Killian’s Irish Red. Even though it is made by Coors it is not on the cheap side (or the expensive side). It comes out to about $1.25 if you buy it from the super market (unless you live in a state like Massachusetts where beer cannot be sold in super markets).

I am usually one who likes the lighter beers, but Killian’s Irish Red is a dark beer with a light taste. Although slightly more bitter (due to the hops) than I normally go for, the taste is exceptional. I could drink these all day.

Jump to find out what I think about the head, smell and color.

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Booze Reviews: Newcastle Brown Ale

Today on Booze Reviews, one of my favorite beers: Newcastle Brown Ale. This beer is sold pretty much everywhere in the US, for not too much money–about $1 a bottle. This is unless, of course, you live in Utah where it’s the utterly ridiculous price of $2.35 a bottle at the state liquor store.
Newcastle is a medium dark ale, with a good amount of hoppiness to it. It should be poured into a pint glass with a minimum of head. The initial flavor is similar to most English ales–somewhat bitter, but in a good way, and fairly smooth. The aftertaste, however, is the best part of a Newcastle. It’s a kind of nutty, caramel-y sweetish flavor and it finishes the beer nicely. Newcastle is an easy beer to drink a lot of, and I recommend doing so at every possible opportunity. And considering that most places, it’s the same price as many inferior beers such as Heineken or Corona, you really can’t go wrong. Do yourself a favor and drink this beer. Now.


Booze Reviews: Pabst Blue Ribbon

A lot of college students tend to drink really crappy booze. Therefore, I have decided to start doing booze reviews so that you can hopefully drink better alcohol, or at least get your money’s worth. In Utah, that last bit is more difficult than you might think–state run liquor stores control the pricing of all beverages with an alcohol content of higher than 4.0% ABV (3.2% ABW), and often charge an exorbitant amount of money for decent beer. Anyway, first on the list today is the king of cheap beers: Pabst Blue Ribbon
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How to Find the Perfect Internship Program – 12 Websites to Use!

Is it worth it to do an Internship?

A 2014 study on the Southwestern University students found that students who completed one internship program while studying at college had 13% more chances of finding a full-time employment later. The odds improved with the number of internships students completed. The study also revealed that students who completed at least one internship program were happier with their career outcomes by about 7%.

Other studies also indicate that internships are rapidly gaining priority in the employers’ checklist for choosing college students as their potential employees.

Kelley School of Business reports that 94% of its Class 2017 students were actively engaged in seeking an internship as they see it as an opportunity to explore different industries and careers, gain real-world experience, and be more attractive to potential employers after completing their graduation. The site goes on to say that in the age of fierce competition, employers use internships as recruiting tools and offer full-time positions to interns they deem successful.

Looksharp’s 2016 State of Millennial Hiring Report offered an interesting insight. As many as 81.1% graduates reported that internships played a significant role in helping them find their true passions and change their majors or even career directions.

Best Ways to Find the Perfect Internship Program

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What can make up do for you?

Hello, everyone! Although I originally considered that my first post, I’d like to post something unique… And extravagant, I was struck by the pangs of laziness, and thusly found myself looking at the most mundane of items on the internet, and placed here. This is my distraction from studying the practice MCAT book laying upon my desk, please, enjoy the fruits of my procrastination.

Rather interesting to think what society perceives as beauty, what lengths women go to achieve such appearances, and how deceiving it is. Although, I’m certainly not complaining.

Pic 1 - Make Up Pic 2 - Make Up

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