Due to Popular Demand: New College Being Design

Due to all the requests to change our design we recently recieved, we have done as you guys requested. Christopher, 2Leaf‘s design staff, and I stayed up all night working on this goodness. Hopefully now, without the massive RSS button, you will be able to read our stories less distractedly (amazingly, that is a real […]

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Happy Birthday!

Today is our birthday. We are celebrating one year of happily reporting a bunch of junk and hopefully at least some entertainment and helpful lessons. We hope you continue to visit out site for years to come. This will be the 242nd published article on the site. Boy what a bunch of work. Here are […]

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Friday Funnies and the Return of Booze Reviews

Next week marks our first birthday and in traditional hobbit form (thanks Michael, my Lord of the Rings informant), we will be giving out presents instead of receiving them. ‘Cause that’s just the way we roll! Due to popular demand, Booze Reviews will be coming back to College Being. Nick, one of our occasional writers […]

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College Being News 2.0

Today marks the new version of College Being available to the general public. Thank you for staying with us through these long months of remodeling. New changes will continue to be released now without interruption.

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Hot College Being of the Month: We Want You!

If you feel you are just pure awesomeness and want to be the official hot mascot of College Being for a month then here is your chance. We are looking for hot women and men to send a picture and a short little bio about yourself to: hot at collegebeing.com If you are selected, you […]

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