Ten Amazing Open Courseware Resources

One of the enduring beauties of the internet is the anarchist philosophy that shaped it in the early days. For many years and to a lesser degree still today, you can find things free on the internet that would cost you money in a more traditional marketplace. This open access concept has been picked up […]

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

Anti-heros, van-controlling iPhones, musical, and Neil Patrick Harris (yes same guy from How I Met Your Mother and Doggie Howser) equals plain awesomeness. Thanks to Nick for convincing me to see this Internet-only film. The film was initially distributed as three different episodes, but have now been combined into one 45-minute film at almost all […]

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HP Freshman 15: Details

Many of you have been asking about the HP Freshman 15 laptop giveaway College Being and a bunch of other college blogs are partaking in. Our contest starts today and here are the details: The Laptop The lucky winner of this contest will win a new HP Pavilion dv7t series notebook along with a bunch […]

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HP Freshman 15: Free Laptop Giveaway

HP is currently conducting a promotion where they will give away 15 laptops through our site and some of our friend sites. We will be giving away a free laptop to one of our visitors within the next couple of weeks. More details will be coming soon so stay tuned. If you cannot wait that […]

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Free HD TV

One of my favorite ways of wasting time, Hulu.com, is offering a multitude of free programs and movies available in high definition for a limited time. Plus, no commercial! What a great way to use that super-fast college Internet you have been wasting. Hulu is a site we have previously talked about owned by Universal […]

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