Chips and Beer DIY: Keep Chips Fresh and Open a Beer Bottle Like a Monkey

Beer and chips. The classic college foods, but too bad you always need a bottle opener or one of those chip sealing devises to truly enjoy. Not any more. The following two video tutorials are for either the poor college student that cannot afford to buy his or her own small kitchen appliances or for […]

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My Favorite Colors: Green, Black, White, and Oolong?

Tea is a great alternative to soda. Just it’s lack of large amounts of sugar makes it a great choice, but recent research has found some great health benefits in many different types of tea. Green tea is high in antioxidants which is great for the body. Who knew one of the best anti-cancer drugs […]

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The Problem with 2-for-1 and the Real Way to Get Free Drinks

During this past weekend, I was taking my cousin from the Bahamas out on the town to see beautiful Miami, but we ran into some sneaky two-for-one “deals”. Saturday, we went to Chilli’s. Not the best place for a vegan like me, but the house salad was huge. We each ordered the mango mojitos recommended […]

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Scientists Discover Getting Ball Thrown at Croch Increases Heart Rate

No further description necessary. Here you go: [2008-05-24]

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Bartender Scams

College students: Be careful when you go to a bar or club. You might be being scammed. Watch this for some pointers. [2007-10-23]

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