Can College Students Have Fun while Studying?

If you’re like most college students out there, you probably think that it’s impossible to have fun while studying for an exam. It’s true that studying isn’t the most exciting activity out there, but there are certainly some ways in which you can amp up the level of entertainment.

Study Groups

One of the worst parts of studying is having to practically seclude yourself in your room or library for hours upon end. The barista at the library coffee shop is your only friend during your study session, and you start to get very lonely. Instead of studying by yourself, make a study group with classmates. When you don’t understand a certain topic, another student can explain it to you. Additionally, you can take breaks every so often just to chat.

Trivia Night

Have each member of your study group right a few questions regarding the topic and bring them to the next gathering. Each person can take a turn asking his or her questions. When someone gets a question right, award points to that individual. If the study group has a tutor, the tutor can be the one to ask all of the questions and keep score. Make an incentive to win the game. The loser might have to buy coffee for all of the others. Of course, money tends to be tight in college; therefore, you might decide that everyone else has to split the sole winner’s coffee.

Take Interesting Classes

Of course, this isn’t always possible. Every college has some core requirements and necessary classes that students must take. However, you also likely have some elective credit with which you are free to do as you want. Instead of taking whatever happens to be at a convenient time, opt for something in which you’re really interested such as ceramics, creative writing or forensics. Take a class because you want to, not because all of your friends are in it. When you’re studying a subject that you actually enjoy, it’s likely not going to feel as boring as others.

Take Regular Breaks

Another problem associated with studying is students feel as though the process is never going to end. They race through the textbook, so they can be finished with it for the night. Instead of going through everything in one long marathon, set up a break schedule. Study for 45 minutes, and then go for a 15 minute walk. Review your material for another 45 minutes, and take a break to watch your favorite show. You can also break the studying up into a few days. Of course, this doesn’t work if you’re a procrastinator and tend to cram for exams.

It’s likely that studying is never going to be the most exciting activity in the world, and many college students will never put it on their lists of “fun things to do.” However, it doesn’t have to be entirely excruciating. Just try to infuse entertaining elements into the process, and take regular breaks to give your mind some breathing time.


How to Deal With A Terrible Professor

We all know that college classes are hard, but if you have a professor who is difficult to deal with, it can completely hinder your ability to excel in class and can make your college experience even harder. Your college professor is the person who helps you get the education you need to succeed in life, and a difficult professor can put your future success at risk. Lucky for you, there are ways to deal with your terrible teacher!

1. Build A Relationship. If you want to get along with a difficult professor, try building a relationship with him or her. This is your education and you need to be proactive with getting the most out of your college experience. Don’t be shy. By attempting to build a relationship with your professor, you may find he or she becomes easier to deal with.

2. Ask Questions. Having a hard time understanding your professor can negatively affect your learning experience. When you don’t understand the information being taught or the work being assigned because of a challenging teacher, your grade can suffer. When you don’t understand something, ask questions! Only through asking plenty of questions can you excel in a class you hate.

3. Do Your Research. When your professor does nothing Click to continue reading…

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Five Tips for a Great Themed College Party

Whether you and your friends are heading to campus early for a midsummer party, or you’re planning the last bash of senior year, throwing an excellent theme party requires some time and patience. Fortunately, throwing such a party doesn’t have to put a deeper hole in your already depleting bank account.

5. Themes

Pick something that is popular with college students right now. One idea is to ask everyone to dress up as a ‘90s cartoon character. Toga parties are also favorites of the college generation thanks to the ever-popular Animal House. If it’s near a holiday, you could also do a Halloween costume party or an ugly Christmas sweater event.

4. Food and Drink

It’s likely that you don’t have a lot of money left to spend, especially if it’s the end of senior year. To make the most of your dwindling funds, ask each of your roommates to contribute a dish and a beverage to the party, and also ask other guests with whom you are close to bring along a dish too. Keep food in accordance with the theme. Serve “eyeballs” (tortellini with black olives in the middle) at Halloween or hold a barbecue for a luau-themed party.

3. Decor

The ambiance of your party will really let guests know that you’re serious Click to continue reading…


What to Know When You Rent

If you are headed off to college this fall, there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to. Not only are you going to better your education, you also have the chance to move out on your own! Getting your own place is a very exciting time, but it can also be very challenging. Unfortunately, there are many landlords and roommates out there that will take advantage of a newbie if not careful. When choosing a rental, make sure to follow these simple tips to avoid any possible problems.

Choose Wisely

One mistake that many first-time renters make is that they rent a place that they cannot afford. While the big apartment looks the best, your life will be much easier if you can easily afford your monthly payment. You are at college to learn, not to spend all of your time working to try to pay your rent. If you insist on living in a larger apartment or home, find some roommates to split the cost with you or browse the web for some great deals.

If you do live with roommates, your roommates will have access to all of your mail and private documents. A company like Lifelock can guard your personal information and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity in your info. Keeping all your personal information intact will take a load of stress off when adjusting to college life and your new home life.

Document Everything

When moving into your new rental, it is vital that you document everything. even suggests taking pictures of any pre-existing damage just in case the landlord denies it upon move out. You should also do a thorough walk through with the landlord to make sure you are both aware of the condition of the home on your arrival. You do not want to be responsible for damage caused by previous tenants. You need to also get any promises from the landlord in writing. If he says he will fix something for you, have him write it down and sign it. Many landlords will conveniently “forget” many of the promises they made if they are not documented.

Set Rules With Your Roomies

If you do have roommates get everything in writing with them. It does not have to be a formal document, but all details should be written down and signed by each roommate. This document should include what each roommate is expected to pay every month, and how the payments are going to work. Will all of you give your money to one person, and he makes the payments, or will you each be responsible for paying the bills directly to the different companies? By setting out these guidelines ahead of time you will prevent a lot of strain in your living.
When moving out on your own, it is important that your emotions do not get in the way of your common sense. Always take time to make any major decision, such as where to live. Do your research to make sure you are getting the best place your money can buy. And remember, if you document everything you should not run into any problems. What other tips did you find useful when moving out for college?

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