Managing Type I Diabetes in College: Do’s and Don’t’s

Type 1 diabetes is a disease that is characterized by the body’s inability to produce insulin. Patients are usually diagnosed with this disease early on in life, after exhibiting common symptoms, including frequent urination, weight loss, and abnormally frequent hunger and thirst.

While many young adults learn to effectively cope with their diabetes, the transition to college can make managing this disease more difficult. Many young adults are living away from home for the first time, leaving them to deal with their disease, without the help and support of their parents. Fortunately, when following a few simple tips, patients with type 1 diabetes can seamlessly make the transition to college life, without sacrificing their health.

Effectively Manage Type I Diabetes in College

While adjusting to college life can be difficult at first, it is important to maintain your daily routine as much as possible. If you have learned to manage your disease through regular exercise, healthy dietary choices, and insulin replacement therapy, then it is important to remain committed to your management plan. Click to continue reading…

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How to Split Your Rent Fairly Using

If you’re someone who shares (or plans to share) a place with friends or roommates, you’ll know how hard it can be to split up the rent fairly. There is always a much larger Master bedroom which often has a private full bathroom. Some rooms may have different sized closets and windows. When splitting the rent, all of these things have to be taken into consideration so that everyone is paying a fair amount for their room. So just how do you split up the rent while taking all of these extra details into consideration? You do it using the rent calculator for roommates at

How it Works

With, you don’t have to worry about deciding who pays what. It will do all of the calculations for you. The calculator makes adjustments based on other factors of the room besides size. For example, if room #1 is small but has an awesome window and huge closet, then that roommate will pay more than the person in room #2 which is also small, but has no windows and a normal sized closet. Click to continue reading…

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Getting on the Guest List

Let’s face it: getting into the hottest clubs near campus can present a problem for even the most presentable of college students. Dressing to the nines, bringing a bushel of babes, and throwing around a little cash may help to get you in the door, but for the average college student on a budget, these time-honored tricks simply might not be an option.

The idea here is not to impress with your wallet, but to use your collegiate wit and wisdom to worm your way onto the guest list (hopefully with less alliteration than featured in that last sentence).

So if you’re looking to party it up at some city hotspots without having to produce a wad of Jacksons to jump the line, here are a few tips that could help to get your name on the guest list:

  1. Bring girls…lots of them. Everybody knows that eye-candy is a big part of the set dressing for any club. So loading up your entourage with lovely ladies is a great way to bypass the line of unfortunate souls waiting for entry. Of course, this scenario will play out a lot better if you look money, so dress for the occasion and have your female companions do the same.

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