How to Scam Someone on eBay and Tips for the Rest of Us

Hello eBay Nigerians reading this post. The following are some guidelines on how to properly scam someone on eBay. Nigerians are pretty much the only reason why I use Amazon instead of eBay, but if you must scam someone on eBay, then at least do it properly and follow these guidelines: Make sure you do […]

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Bid 4 My What? – New Auction Site to Take on the Big Guys

Brand new, out-of-the-shrink-wrap auction website offers a unique experience to the average Joe trying to sell his stuff online. I love their idea of simplify-ing the often complicated fee system (I’m not going to mention any names…). They offer free postings (What’s better than free?) and a simple $1 commission if your product sells. […]

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Ebay changes causes uproar

Two new changes to Ebay have caused some users distress. First, Ebay changed their commission rate. They advertised this as a reduction, but in actuality Ebay now charges more for each item sold. Secondly, Ebay has removed the ability to give negative feedback. The thinking behind this was to remove a user’s fear of leaving […]

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